this is how corporate mobility evolves


The world of work and mobility have been transformed

Safer, more flexible and much more sustainable: this is how corporate mobility is evolving

More and more companies are betting on sustainable and safe transport alternatives for their business trips, such as those offered by Cabify

BY RRHHDigital, 02:45 – 06 September 2021

That the coronavirus has completely changed our lives, we have more than assumed. Our daily lives, relationships and the way we do things have changed dramatically since the outbreak of the pandemic in our country and will continue to be so for some time to come, no matter how much we still hope for many elements of the old normal.

One of the aspects that has been radically transformed is the way we move. Especially in large cities, many people try to avoid the crowds and closed spaces of public transport and have come looking for alternatives that encourage physical distancing and provide an added sense of security.

In fact, according to statistics from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the use of public transport in Spain has been significantly reduced compared to the “pre-COVID” era. Between January and June of this year, the cumulative number of passengers was 1,589 million, 40% less than the same period in 2019. To go further, in June 2021, 297 million trips were made in public transport by the 429 million in 2019.

All of this indicates that the way we travel has changed and it also influences commuting or during the working day. Trying to promote safer travel and seeking sustainable mobility, workers and businesses have started to resort to alternative means of getting to their office or place of business. One of these alternatives is Cabify.

The mobility technology platform bets on safe, flexible and sustainable transport for employees with the intention of optimizing trips to the workplace, attending a meeting or arriving on time for a business trip . With Cabify for Business, companies control their employees’ travel and spending, all with sustainable, carbon-neutral mobility options.

Some of the benefits of this new way to go to work include:

Availablity. Cabify is able to offer a vehicle with very short average waiting times, less than five minutes in the main Spanish cities. This ensures that your employees arrive on time for work or their meetings, with no waits or delays, ensuring a positive and motivating experience. Quality and safety. In the era of the coronavirus, the quality and safety of services have become essential. For this reason, the highest quality standards are guaranteed during travel and they have placed a very strong bet on safety. The vehicles of the VTC companies connected to the Cabify application are periodically disinfected, have a safety screen and the drivers have a mask and a disinfectant gel as essential measures against the virus. In addition, the company checks the availability of PPE as well as compliance with safety measures. Flexibility in service and payment. Request a ride when and where you want. The place of collection and destination is flexible as well as in the travel schedules, always guaranteeing the maximum speed of the service. The flexibility goes much further, as you can decide on a payment method individually or for the whole team as well as pay after each trip at the end of the month. In addition, in a hybrid work environment combining teleworking and face-to-face work, this flexibility allows employees and companies to optimize their time and maximize their daily productivity. Cost control. The platform through which trips are managed gives managers great control over trips; Who is traveling, including the reasons for the trip, schedules … In addition, the tool allows you to monitor your company’s consumption thanks to intelligent reports, and establish usage limits. This way, you can check what you are spending money on and how to organize and manage expenses. Sustainable mobility. As a big trend of the present and the future, more and more companies and people are betting on being much more sustainable on a daily basis. And what could be better than to abandon traditional means of transport and opt for vehicles that are much less polluting and harmful to the environment. Likewise, Cabify offsets the emissions from all trips made through the app, and companies can receive certifications that reflect these offsets at no cost.

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