This is how Díaz Ayuso underestimates gender-based violence

Publication: Thursday, March 11, 2021 8:23 AM

Another, and still very controversial, statement from Isabel Díaz Ayuso, this time on gender-based violence. He said that men “are even more attacked than we are.” “I understand that there is concrete violence that we can witness and that it exists and must be eradicated”, but that “there are many other problems that we talk about less”.

Some statements to a Telecinco program recorded before the political storm caused after the announcement of the call for elections in Madrid. “We cannot disdain the work that many women have done before us to obtain, in Spain and other countries, the freedom we enjoy today. But what cannot be is to go to the other side and now live on a so-called machismo which is not always true, and reject man as an eternal enemy. When he becomes overly politicized there comes a point where he victimizes us and some people look for the benefits of being a woman. That’s what I don’t want, ”were his words.

Ayuso declared herself a liberal, “but if I have to step aside, I am a conservative and being is a way to progress,” and recalled that her debut in politics was not easy: “When I ‘was a candidate, I was very despised because I was not known ”. He also commented on the transfer of the PP headquarters from the rue de Gênes: “I like the transfer of the seat, it is better to be at street level. I would change it for less offices and something more conforms to the new generations “.

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