this is how dozens of migrant minors face their future in Ceuta

Wandering the streets, looking for food in the city and sleeping in the parks. This is how we met many young migrants in Ceuta. They came to swim and some have been in this situation for three days. They tell us they are minors. laSexta spoke to some of them, many saying they would rather “die than be sent back to Morocco”.

They went through very difficult days to travel to Spain and now their future is uncertain. They are very young, they tell us that they are minors, that they have almost nothing and that they live without resources, but they denounce that the situation in their country is worse. Some have bags with food and clothing given to them by the NGOs that work with them. They make themselves understood as best they can, they talk about hunger and misery. But they have hope. Munir is one of them. He is 15 years old. He says that he comes to Spain because of the misery he lives in Morocco and that just by crossing the border and receiving them, they have already been treated with more humanity than in his country.

But the reality is that many have slept in the port or in the parks of Ceuta, on the ground. Now, sitting on the grass or on a bench, they explain that they prefer that to having to go back to their country. “We want to stay,” they shout. And they ask us to mediate with the agents, to tell them that “we are not doing any harm”.

On the beach, we see that they have improvised a house under a beach bar. There, they slept on the floor on blankets but they insist: despite everything, they are better here than in Morocco.

And it is that the 1,500 minors who arrived in Ceuta these days were not all intercepted by the authorities. Now many roam the streets of Ceuta, some wet and barefoot, with no food and almost no clothes.

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