This is how good meeting management increases business productivity.

This is how good meeting management increases business productivity.

The pandemic brings us together more … but by telematics. A study promoted by the American organization National Bureau of Economic Research indicates that with the emergence of Covid-19 in work dynamics, meetings for work reasons have multiplied within companies. The time has therefore come to offer hybrid management of work meetings to increase efficiency in decision-making.

The study, which analyzed the behavior of workers during periods of lockdown in different cities around the world, including Madrid, as well as the weeks after lockdown, found that work meetings increased by 13% during this period. “Any worker can see that meetings have increased and video calls have become normal,” says Sergi Ramo, consultant and founder of GroWZ Consultants.

On the other hand, the same study indicates that the length of meetings has been considerably reduced, by up to 20%. “This reduction translates into greater productivity for companies”, specifies the expert, who considers that “telematic meetings are more decisive, since we save a lot of time in the round trips and if they last less, productivity increases.

Stressful meetings

“These data should not confuse us,” warns Sergi Ramo, who considers the lesson to be that there are certain meetings that can be optimized with a video call, but that doesn’t mean that all meetings should be do online.

In fact, another study, that of Microsoft, points out that too many virtual meetings cause great stress, even affecting the brain. Research shows that talking in front of the screen for a long time causes great fatigue, especially if meetings last more than two hours.

This research verified the effects on the brain of having many consecutive meetings, verifying this data. “These kinds of studies confirm that virtual meetings are not always so wonderful,” explains Sergi Ramo.

Hybrid scale

The expert points to balance as a solution to be able to overcome these inconveniences and retain their advantages. In this sense, Sergi Ramo has embarked on a hybrid management of work meetings, which complements face-to-face activity with virtual activity.

“Thanks to video calls, we can save short meetings, where the human factor is maintained and fatigue is not so high”, estimates the consultant. In this way, the greater efficiency of this type of meeting will be used to solve short problems, which do not really need a trip.

On the other hand, with the return to normality, “it is necessary to know in which fields to return to the presence”, specifies the expert. Thus, long meetings, or those in which it is very important to maintain the human factor and proximity, should return “without a doubt” in the middle of the face-to-face.

“Thanks to a hybrid management of work meetings, we achieve greater efficiency, putting speed and efficiency before one type of meeting and the quality of others,” concludes Sergi Ramo.

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