This is how his departure from the government was forged

It was just after 12 a.m. that Pablo Iglesias announced the bombing: he was leaving the coalition government to face Díaz Ayuso in the regional elections as a candidate. laSexta learned how this unexpected decision by United We Can was forged, which shattered all plans of the Madrid board.

As laSexta learned, this coup was decided after learning that Ángel Gabilondo was going to be the PSOE candidate for the Assembly. The idea to run came to him before Gabilondo’s election, but after the socialists announced, he saw the strategy clear.

Pablo Iglesias had already made the decision not to run again as a candidate in the general election, even though for a long time he had two questions on his mind: What would his exit look like? How were they going to get to him?

Everyone nominated Irene Montero as the woman who would inherit the party leadership, but Iglesias and the Equality Minister were clear on this and agreed: Yolanda Díaz was the best candidate to lead United We Can. In fact, the vice president has always sent out messages in this regard in public and in private, although he has not done so formally.

But the key moment in carrying out his plan was the political earthquake in Murcia. Iglesias saw a unique opportunity to take this turn of the scenario: his departure from national politics would occur when he decided, without being marked by a decision by Pedro Sánchez with a call for elections or a breakdown of the coalition.

The play was also perfect for Yolanda Díaz: Iglesias let her set in the course of events and didn’t give time for internal debates to open up in the game or for her to think too much about it herself.

Bombing at the Ministry of Labor

Pablo Iglesias and Yolanda Díaz, who had not seen each other during the weekend, spoke at length on Monday afternoon and afternoon. The decision that the minister took the reins of the second vice-presidency was a bomb to the Ministry of Labor and it took him several hours to react publicly.

Iglesias’ decision came as no surprise

The mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, assured in an interview with RAC 1 that the decision of Pablo Iglesias had not “taken her by surprise” and indicated that she was aware of the movement she would lead “to a few hours before “:” Lo he commented with the narrow circle. “

Colau called the movement a “very strong gesture” and a “demonstration of leadership”: “It is not an easy gesture and it is a very intelligent read”.

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