This is how human resources will be this year

What will be the management of human resources and the future of work in 2021? If teleworking has already been promoted in 2020, will the trend consolidate in 2021? The Adecco Group has prepared forecasts on the challenges of this sector next year.

Among them, leadership stands out, which they consider “essential” to change. According to Javier Blasco, director of the Adecco Group Institute, leaders will be needed next year to drive the transformation of the company. For this to be necessary “emotional intelligence, empathy and worth of people”.

Teleworking will also rethink the work scenario in companies. From Adecco, they say that next year applicants, workers and employers will ask for the job to be more flexible.

Despite greater labor flexibility, wages remain anchored and there is, they say, little chance of boosting productivity and attracting the most competitive talent. They point out that talent often requires more competitive salaries that reward effort and valuable contribution.

Other points to highlight will be the commitment to environments that welcome all kinds of talent and for requalification. In this sense, it is clear that the HRD will have to plan the training methodologies and how to guarantee the competitiveness of its employees.

The same will happen with digital transformation. The use of new technologies will be essential in any job. They point out that if they are not trained in these types of skills, there is a risk that discrimination will increase. Likewise, they stress that employers must see this process as an opportunity to be more competitive.

Finally, more responsible and sustainable work will be encouraged. Companies will pay more attention to occupational health and promoting the health of employees. Both will be essential to cope, they stress, with the aging of the population. In addition, they believe that in the future more and more people will demand more environmentally friendly jobs.

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