This is how it benefits people management

Productivity, Board acceptance, data analysis, communication and humanization of technology, among the most relevant aspects

Five essential keys to HR digitization: this is how it benefits people management

Digital transformation is a fact. And this is for the global. There are few aspects of our lives that are unrelated to technology, and this also happens in business and the world of work. All of this, this digitization that we are talking about has been driven by the coronavirus and the lockdowns that have raised both the need for and the use of digital at all levels, including, as we have already said, the world of job.

And it is that the digital transformation has reached a sector as “traditional” as human resources. Technology is already another ally in the work of HRDs, both for the management of people and for the company itself.

This is precisely all that we talked about in the webinar “Boosting business through technology: how AI help the HR Director to humanize work”, hosted by Oracley RRHHDigital last Thursday. In it, experts in the field of people management and the digital world have provided the keys, reasons and benefits of this digital transformation within the HR industry.

During the digital meeting, we had the presence of Juan Salas, Director of HCM Business Development at Oracle; Ricardo Tejero, Director of HR efficiency and change management at Leroy Merlin; Manuel Asensio, Global HRBPdeCWT; and Enrique Escalante, Havas Group People and Talent Director for Spain and Portugal, in a discussion moderated by Ana Toro, Editor-in-Chief ofRRHHDigital.

From his speeches and statements, we can extract six keys as conclusions of the webinar and how technology is influencing HR:

1. The reasons: results, productivity and efficiency

Everyone in the webinar said, “If we are transforming management with our external customers, we must also do so with our external customers, our employees.” This phrase has appeared several times and makes the reasons for the digital transformation of HR very clear. “HR services are essential in the digital transformation facing ‘internal customers’”, commented Juan Salas, referring to employees.

“If we transform management with our external clients, we must also do it with our external clients, our employees”

In addition, Manuel Asensio also hinted that productivity and efficiency is another reason for digitization in people management. “If you can get rid of the tasks that take a lot of time and add value, you can spend that time valuing what you want to accomplish,” he explained. “

2. Acceptance by the board of directors

When they talk about results, efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, the upper echelons of companies listen more attentively and begin to evaluate the initiatives that you plan to launch, in this case the digitization of HR management. . “When you start talking about business and results, they are already listening to you,” said Enrique Escalante.

A statement that was endorsed by Juan Salas, whose company, Oracle, specializes in this specific area, in terms of the digitization of business management: “The turning point comes when the Board assumes that the employee should be treated as the same way as the customer. This mental point Investing in the employee experience is key. ”

Innovation and digitization bring greater precision in processes, precision based on data and its analysis. “All the innovations that we have applied in our business and in HR would be unthinkable without technology,” added Manuel Asensio about this process optimization thanks to technology and the measurement of its application. For his part, Enrique Escalante admits that “everything is based on data because through data we achieve the greatest personalization”.

During the pandemic, corporate communication took on a new dimension. Its importance was catapulted and it did so thanks, in part, to technology. “It would have been impossible to understand the situation of thousands of people without technology. The opportunity to integrate technology to understand the feelings of people”, recognized Ricardo Tejero on the basis of his experience in the management of the pandemic in Leroy Merlin. Along the same lines, Escalante said “technology has been fundamental because we make everything revolve around communication”.

5. Humanization of technology, soft skills

Finally, perhaps one of the most relevant aspects of this digital transformation. We are talking about the need to maintain human character, the importance of people, in a world increasingly dominated by technology and machines. All four speakers present at the webinar stressed the importance of staying human and offered the solution to maintain that relevance. “Technology is the key to developing the process, but leadership is people. Once you start using technology through people, you start doing things that were unthinkable years ago, ”Ricardo Tejero explained very correctly.

For his part, Enrique Escalante believes that “technology allows us to focus more on the human. We are going to treat people as independent individuals, we are going to humanize more, and soft skills are going to be more and more difficult. More weight “.

And as a final conclusion, Juan Salas, in a way “host” of this digital meeting, declared: “All technological development aims to make technology more human, to make the machine work like a person. Although we may not be in the same room, technology brings us closer.

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