This is how migrants who swim to Ceuta avoid being sent back to Morocco

Update: Tuesday May 18, 2021 12:30 p.m.

Posted on: 18.05.2021 12:29

laSexta captured live the moment a group of migrants rescued by the Red Cross at sea jumped as the boat approached the beach. They do so despite the fact that the army and the civil guard are waiting for them on the beach in Ceuta to send them back to Morocco.

Many of them stay perched on the rocks of the breakwaters for hours because they know what their fate will be if they walk on the sand of the beach of Tarajal: still Morocco. These are hot returns, which the European Court of Human Rights approved in February 2020 in a controversial decision.

The situation in Ceuta remains very delicate after the arrival of more than 5,000 migrants in less than 24 hours by sea from Morocco. The drops continue unabated and on the other side of the fence separating Morocco from Spain thousands of people have been waiting for more than 24 hours with the intention of crossing.

Since dawn this morning, there has been a great avalanche of migrants who threw themselves into the sea. In the images you can also see how members of the Civil Guard and the army drag several migrants passed out afterwards. have been rescued from the sea and cover them with thermal blankets.

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