This is how shopping centers, hospitals, airports, train stations are adapting to the era of teleworking …

This is how shopping centers, hospitals, airports, train stations are adapting to the era of teleworking …

One of the changes the pandemic has left in the workplace is the introduction of remote working, making it clear that any location visited can become a temporary office. However, nowadays, few high-traffic centers offer this possibility in their facilities. For this reason, shopping centers, hospitals, airports, train stations, bus stations, among others, are already preparing to adapt to the new reality and to offer their customers flexible workspaces, comfortable places which, in addition, have all kinds of security certificates. To meet this new need, Levira International, a company specializing in office furniture, is working with these new players to refine their spaces.

One of the aspects sought is to achieve the creation of spaces so that users can work in these dead ends, and the waiting times that occur in these places. Levira’s solution is the “ON / ERGOESPACE” work and charging station, designed from the outset to provide a teleworking and charging service for technological devices, accessible in places with severe competition. This model is the only one currently available to have the international UNE-EN 15372: 2017 LEVEL 3 certification, which certifies that it meets all safety requirements.

Characteristics of the “ON ERGOESPACE” workstation and the load

The station consists of a central screen 1500 mm high, 800 mm wide and 91/250 mm deep. This screen structures two tables: on one side, a 1100 mm high table with a 900 * 800 mm work surface; and on the other side, a high table of 900 mm with a work surface of 1200 * 800 mm. The entire cabling has a flexible duct system which allows it to adapt to each of the locations provided in the space and which is imperceptible to the user.

“These stands are designed as a welcoming and easily recognizable meeting point that gives any facility the characteristics of an airport, shopping center, train station, hospital … with modern furnishings suited to the coming times when the pandemic is on. overcome, ”says Paula Beln Gonzlez, CEO of Levira International. “All these spaces are already starting to be equipped with this type of furniture, we have several installations planned for 2021. Teleworking and remote working are here to last, offices can appear anywhere, and for that these spaces must provide facilities to users who need a position at any given time. In addition, they make it bet on safety, and they ask us that the Certification has all kinds of guarantees ”, explains the CEO of the firm.

Airports such as Adolfo Surez Madrid Barajas, Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat, Malaga – Costa del Sol already have this furniture.

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