This is how talent management and human resource management evolve


This is how talent management and human resource management evolve

BY RRHHDigital, 03:30 – 11 December 2020

The human resources department has been the main protagonist of the pandemic and has led the transformation of companies by becoming a strategic business partner. This is one of the conclusions of the conference organized by ADAMS Formacin during which Jos Luis Pascual, Managing Partner of LUKKAP, and Juan Antonio Fernndez Lpez, Program Director of Sagardoy Business & Law School analyzed the avant-garde trends in management of talent and human resources management.

Pascual and Fernndez Lpez consider that the future of human resources management will be marked by a few key factors:

Digital transformation, which will involve the automation of processes and will require new professional profiles which must acquire a digital mentality. Company training will follow two components: skills development and requalification. Individualized compensation models that help professionals continue to identify with our company and ensure an optimal employee experience. There is a correlation between employee experience, customer experience and business results. People management models based on employee experience, in which active listening leads to decision making. Furthermore, the success of this model will depend on the three phases of the process: listen, understand and act. Understanding the behavioral guidelines that drive an employee, regardless of their generation, to want to get involved in the company is essential and when they don’t, why they don’t. And from there, behavioral guidelines can be established which mark concrete levers for action. Businesses will need to transform into lean and flexible organizational structures that are flatter and respond to issues quickly. Corporate culture becomes the differential component of companies, so that the need for professionals to identify with it grows.

If you want to know how to transform your human resources business, we recommend the Digital Talent Management & HR Analytics course from Sagardoy Business & Law School and WENEX by ADAMS.

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