This is how the army is trying today to stop the massive entry of migrants into Ceuta

Published: Tuesday May 18, 2021 10:16 AM

Tanks on the beach. This is how the autonomous city of Ceuta woke up today to the incessant net of Moroccan migrants. The government delegation estimated the number of Moroccan citizens having irregularly entered the autonomous city bordering the sea dikes of Tarajal and Benzú at “around 5000” around midnight, while the Minister of the Interior has already spoken about it this morning.

The president of Ceuta Juan Jesús Vivas underlined in Onda Cero that not only peace and security in the city are at stake in the face of the arrival of immigrants, but the defense of the territorial integrity of Spain is also in game. And he asked for “an energetic response from the State” and that Ceuta be supported. He also believes that the Moroccan government is testing the Spanish government and says that “yesterday the perception we had was that there was no border”.

From the government of Sánchez they transferred “the Spaniards, the Spaniards and the inhabitants of Ceuta who have absolute support to ensure their safety and guarantee public order in all circumstances. We are acting now to restore normalcy as quickly as possible” .

Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska shortly before told TVE that 1,500 of the 6,000 immigrants who entered Ceuta illegally in recent hours have already been returned to Morocco. And he predicted that the returns would continue to “turn the tide.” As for some 1,500 minors who are immigrants, he explained that “the law, international treaties and our agreements with Morocco” will be applied for their protection. And it is that these minors cannot be grouped together in what are called “hot returns”.

The Spanish government has mobilized the army, especially the Legion and regular units, to bolster the security forces that control the city.

The military are responsible, in the hands of the local police, the national police and the civil guard, to “regroup the dispersed immigrants” and to provide all the “logistical support” that the government delegation demanded.

This migratory crisis has already made its first victim. He is an adult Moroccan man who died on Monday while trying to bypass the Tarajal breakwater swimming among hundreds of compatriots.

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