This is how the demand for employment fell in this Christmas season

InfoJobs, the leading job platform in Spain, recorded a general decline last November in most professional categories with a total of 129,675 vacancies to work in Spain, 11% less than in October ( 145 275).

Although November is generally, in a normal context, a month of job loss linked to the destruction of jobs in the hotel sector, this time the number of social security members has increased by 31,638 contributors, according to official data from the Ministry of Labor. However, the number of unemployed registered in the offices of the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) increased by 25,269 people, the largest increase since 2012, a figure which is further amortized by the ERTEs which, at the end of November , added 750,000 people affected.

In this context, InfoJobs recorded a decline in most professional categories. And, if we compare with data from November 2019, the platform recorded a 41% drop in the volume of job vacancies published compared to the same period of the previous year, when 218,600 job vacancies had been recorded.

Trade and sales, IT and telecommunications, and customer service, which drove employment during the pandemic, saw significant declines (-44%)

The Commerce and Sales, IT and Telecommunications and Customer Service categories, which drove employment during the pandemic and account for a large portion of vacancies (43% of the total), recorded significant declines; in total, they have accumulated a drop of 44% compared to October:

More specifically, Commercial and Sales, which recorded 31,453 vacancies (24% of the total in InfoJobs), decreased by 9% compared to the previous month and by 16% compared to November 2019. It is followed by the IT category and telecommunications with 13,401 vacancies (10% in total). In this case, they are down 14% from the previous month and are also far from 2019 as they are down 35%. And finally, customer service which recorded 11,729 vacancies (9% of the total). This category is down 21% from October and 62% from the previous year.

In contrast, the sectors that declined the most compared to last month are education and training, with 3,754 vacancies (-46%) and followed by retail with 2,605 registered vacancies, down 30% .

In November, the only categories that remained in the volume of job vacancies from the previous month were purchasing, logistics and warehousing, with 17,742 vacancies (up 1%). Next come Health and Healthcare, with 6,739 vacant positions (0%), Real Estate and Construction, with 2,737 vacant positions (+ 2%) and, finally, the Finance and Banking sector, with 1,388 vacant positions (0%).

The tourism and catering sector maintains a very low volume, with 2,608 vacancies in November.

32% of vacant positions offered a CDD and 23% a CDI

Among the job offers registered in InfoJobs in October, a total of 41,633 job offers were published which offered a hiring of fixed term, or 32% of the vacancies indicating the type of contract. Fixed-term contracts -30,139 vacant positions-, representing 23% of the platform’s vacant positions last month. The figures for the type of contract are very similar to last month.

In October, when it comes to the type of work to be done, vacations offering full-time work predominate, accounting for 55% of the total, and 23% of contracts are partial.

Madrid, Catalua, Valencia and Andalusia concentrate 66% of jobs in Spain

Once again, the autonomous communities that have generated the most jobs are Madrid, concentrating 25% of the total vacancies, followed by Catalonia, Valencia and Andalusia. More specifically, InfoJobs collects a total of 32,051 vacancies for work in the Community of Madrid in October, 6% less than the previous month. For its part, Catalonia recorded 28,054 vacancies, down 15% compared to the previous month. Next come Valencia which, with 13,455 vacancies, recorded a decrease of 6% and Andalusia with 12,940 vacancies, which also fell by 16% compared to the previous month.

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