This is how the laSexta pactometer works

Publication: Monday, May 3, 2021 1:03 PM

The elections in Madrid are in their home stretch. In a few minutes, the polling stations will close and the count will begin. Once the election results are known, it will be time to start calculating which parties have the possibility of forming a government and with whom they will have to agree.

As with any electoral nomination, offers users the Pactometer, a simple tool for calculating the possible agreements between the parties who obtain representation in the Madrid Assembly.

This calculator allows you to select the different formations, differentiated by colors, which are added to a bar that represents the Assembly of Madrid. In this bar, a central dotted line symbolizes the limit of 69 seats, the absolute majority required to govern in the community.

So, for example, to find out whether the left parties could form a hypothetical government, we should select the options of the PSOE, Más Madrid and Unidas Podemos. If the suma de las tres fuerzas supera la línea de puntos, los candidateos pueden negociar un gobierno, mientras que quedar por debajo significa que, in principio, deben mantenerse en la oposición, a no ser que el block de las derechas no logre llegar a agreement.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso could rule again

Las últimas encuestas vaticinan una victoria clara de Isabel Díaz Ayuso, que conseguiría mejorar con creces los resultados obtenidos in 2019. El último barómetro publicado por laSexta apunta a una victoria de la popular cercana a la mayoría absoluta, ya que conseguiría la 63 from Madrid. However, he would need six of the 12 Vox seats Rocío Monasterio’s party would need to get to rule.

As for the left bloc, the candidacy of Angel Gabilondo would not be able to provide sufficient support with Más Madrid and Unidas Podemos to achieve an absolute majority in the Assembly. In order for them to gain access to the government in Madrid, the Popular Party or Vox would have to abstain and give way to the progressive bloc.

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