This is how the Spanish vaccine can be, the great hope against the coronavirus

In the hands of the Spanish scientist of the CSIC, Luis Enjuanes is one of the great hopes of putting an end to the coronavirus. In the coming weeks, he and his team will begin testing their COVID-19 vaccine in mice, and in the second half of the year, they will do so in humans. If all goes according to plan, the immunity of the SCCI vaccine would be 100%. Because with this formula, you will not be infected, nor infected, nor transmitted.

In other words, when the virus arrives, it is rendered useless. “The virus that invades the immune person is not able to replicate itself, which is why it is called a ‘sterilant,’ remarked Enjuanes, head of the coronavirus department of CSIC at LaSexta. One of the keys to making this happen vaccine so potent that it doesn’t get into the arm, at least that’s not the idea.To get to where the virus is attacking, you would breathe in through your nose, intranasally, like some drugs.

“It can help the vaccine get into deeper areas, like the lungs,” Enjuanes added. A way of managing that really increases efficiency and simplifies use. “You can put it at home because putting a spray on your nose doesn’t require a lot of science,” the scientist pointed out. Whether this will be the case still remains to be seen.

So, after the planned animal tests, if this vaccine works as well as the one already developed for a similar virus, the result would be excellent. “Everything is planned: if what happened to us with the Mers vaccine happens to us, we would expect 100% effectiveness.” And not expensive, because it self-replicates (a small dose that multiplies in us). Enjuanes does not stop working to be able to cope with it. You already have your first Pfizer. That, until yours results.

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