this is how Toni Cantó and Ayuso describe it

Posted: Thursday July 01 2021 03:21 PM

After his appointment as director of the Spanish Office of the Community of Madrid, Toni Cantó, former member of Ciudadanos, wanted to explain how this new department will work: “The chiringuito you see is me. There is no other structure than me. I will devote myself to identifying all the possible opportunities. ”Precisely, before the accusations of“ chiringuito ”, Ayuso defended Cantó’s election.

“It would be a chiringuito if I had created it for him, a politician who also belongs to the world of culture. It does not seem so crazy, does it?”, Noted the president of the Madrid government. The Office of Spanish will depend on the Ministry of Culture, but with regard to tasks or objectives, beyond the promotion of Spanish, what will be done is not very clear.

According to Ayuso, this space “will attract international events and students from all over the world”. In Cantó’s words, this Hispanic Day “also speaks Spanish in many ways”. One of the first to vote on Cantó’s appointment to this post was the socialist Óscar Puente, mayor of Valladolid: “Today it is revealed in all its dimensions who this guy is.”

“Indeed, it is shit”, declared Puente, who assured that “he will live at the expense of the Spaniards on 75,000 euros per year for doing nothing”. In an attempt to clarify the criticisms, Díaz Ayuso was surprised by the fact that the creation of this Office of Spanish is viewed with such a magnifying glass.

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