This is the AENOR III equality plan

AENOR launched today, coinciding with Women’s Day, its III Equality Plan which will last four years, from 2021 to 2024, and thus consolidates the commitment that the organization has with its employees as well as with the society.

AENOR wishes the III Equality Plan to be an effective working tool, and for this, the Equality Commission will be the body intended to ensure compliance with the objectives of the Plan in each of the areas in which its activities are carried out. Activity, from selection to promotion of personnel, salary policy, training, occupational safety and health and work-life balance, among other factors.

The plan aims to advance the selection processes for professional profiles even more transparent, to guarantee gender equity and parity, as well as to deepen equal opportunities, to avoid the existence of implicit discrimination and / or explicit, in addition to ensuring equal pay for women. and men of the same professional category. Although it should also be noted that in this III Equality Plan, a new action protocol has been included in the prevention of sexual harassment and harassment based on sex.

Finally, it also works so that the exercise of the rights related to conciliation and co-responsibility can be exercised without obstacles, in accordance with established legal criteria, and does not imply a reduction in the possibilities of promotion, of access to training. nor any reduction in the working conditions of the people who make up the workforce; in addition to applying the gender perspective in all areas, policies and decisions of the company (gender mainstreaming), among others.

Along with the work and internal measures taken by AENOR with its professionals, the organization has contributed for more than three decades to transforming society by generating trust between organizations and people with a specific offer of solutions for companies. The latest measure in this regard was the launch of the “Contributing to Diversity” trust platform which includes certification and verification solutions to help organizations consolidate trust in their actions with their stakeholders, demonstrating a series of commitments.

These solutions relate to the areas of certification of gender equality, equal pay, application of the Chilean standard for the management of gender equality and reconciliation of professional, family and life. personal, verification of non-financial information, certification as a healthy organization and the family manager. Business model.

AENOR’s Equality Plan III also responds to the new Royal Decree 901/2020 and Royal Decree 902/2020, both dated October 13, and progresses towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda. , mainly in SDGs 5 (Gender equality) and 8 (Decent work and economic growth).

One of the values ​​of AENOR is its staff, therefore, promoting their personal and professional development, as well as promoting equality and conciliation implies fostering and accelerating the progress of the entity in the field of equality between women and men in all its aspects.

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