This is the cost of the damage in Barcelona due to the riots in recent days

Publication: Sunday, February 21, 2021 3:03 PM

The fifth night of demonstrations turned into vandalism in Barcelona caused extensive material and infrastructural damage. Apart from the damage to the historic stained glass windows in the Palau de la Música, 39 containers were set on fire last night alone at an estimated cost of 58,500 euros. In addition, 600 square meters of asphalt was damaged; Mainly on Paseo de Gracia, Gran de Gràcia and Plaza de Lesseps, the repair of which will cost an additional 40,000 euros.

On the other hand, Barcelona city council estimates that the cleaning work will cost almost 31,000 euros (30,950). The total, the sum of Saturday, amounts to 156,450 euros. To this bill, we must add the 725 containers burned since Tuesday, which would increase the bill to more than 900,000 euros. Traders and hoteliers are at the limit, because the looting now joins the losses of the pandemic.

Many shop windows were completely destroyed and the interiors of other luxury stores were empty due to looting. A few hours later, an inventory is made of the losses. The neighbors of the city have shown their solidarity with the traders. “With the difficult times we are living through, all that’s missing is that”, they say, and believe that “it must be paid for by someone”. There was also graffiti against the police, destroyed bank branches, and completely broken ATMs.

In a consensual manifesto of the Foment del Treball and the 35 Catalan business organizations for tourism, commerce, hotel and hospitality, they condemn the acts and demand “political responsibilities from the government of the Generalitat and the town hall of Barcelona “. In addition, this morning the Minister of the Interior met with unions of the Mossos de Escuadra. The police are unhappy with the criticism they receive for their performance. Samper defends them.

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