This is the current state of the roads in Spain due to storm Filomena

Publication: Sunday January 10, 2021 19:20

Filomena’s passage through the peninsula affects 700 roads in Spain, of which more than 100 are cut, one of which is on the main network, especially the C-25 in Girona when it passes through Vilobí D’Onyar. In addition, the DGT warns that the situation is very complicated in Aragon, warns of the existence of ice on many roads and urges extreme caution.

According to the General Directorate of Traffic, which asks not to travel, the situation is particularly complicated in Teruel, which has a “red level”, on the A23 which crosses the capital; in Zaragoza, on the Z40 (ring road) and the A2.

In Madrid, there are several problematic roads, according to DGT, which indicates that “practically all accesses to the capital are in red level due to the intense ice” and difficulties persist on the M607 and M40.

In total, 17 Catalan roads are still cut by the storm

The Servei Català de Trànsit (SCT) reported that around 20 Catalan roads are closed and that a hundred sections are affected by the storm caused by the storm “Filomena” in Catalonia. In the province of Lleida there are seven closed roads, it is compulsory to drive with chains on about forty roads and trucks are restricted by the N-260 to Pobla de Segur.

In Tarragona, the storm forces you to travel with chains on the N-420 between Falset and Irles and has caused the cutting of seven roads, while in the province of Barcelona there is a closed road, the BV-4024 between Bagà and Coll de Pal; and in Girona, traffic was cut on the GIV-5201 in Viladrau, the C-38 in Molló.

207 trucks stranded in the Valencian Community

A total of 207 trucks remain stranded (bagged) on the A-23 and N-232 motorways, both in the province of Castellón, following the passage of storm Filomena through the Valencian Community, which caused the cut-off of 30 roads, according to data provided by the Government Delegation and the Department of Territorial Policy.

Twenty roads closed in Castilla-La Mancha

The first of three days with the threat of severe frosts in Castile-La Mancha after two days marked by snow in Filomena began with nearly 6,000 kilometers of roads of the regional network affected and with several passes closed to traffic, also with assignment highways of the main state network.

Real-time road conditions map

If you want to know the state of the road at any time in Spain in real time, you can do so by clicking on this link to access the DGT interactive map, which shows the traffic levels on the different roads. In addition, the General Directorate of Traffic has released two documents on the roads affected by the storm, one in which it talks about the condition of all roads and the other in which it focuses on large capacity, that is to say, highways and expressways.

In the event that the level of service is black, all vehicles are prohibited from circulation. If the warning is red, the use of chains or winter tires is compulsory. On roads with yellow signs you can only drive a maximum of 60 kilometers per hour and the green dots indicate “active traffic but beware due to snowfall”.

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