this is the list of new advisers

The first major agreement reached between the coalition government and the People’s Party. Both, together with PNV, agreed on a list of names to proceed with the renewal of the RTVE board of directors.

The opposition and members of the executive have agreed, according to “ popular ” and socialist sources, that the advisers be:

José Manuel Pérez Tornero (who will be elected President of the Society) Ramón Colom Esmatges Elena Sánchez CaballeroConcepción Carmen Cascajosa Virino José Manuel Martín MedemRoberto Lakidaín ZabalzaMaría Carmen Sastre BellasJenaro Castro MuiñaMaría Consuelo Aparicio AvendañoJuan José Baoin

This agreement is voted on Thursday in the Congress of Deputies, although with this pact, he has enough votes to move forward. The lower house will elect six of the ten councilors and, for its part, the Senate will decide on the other four.

Socialist sources tell LaSexta that this agreement was made by the PSOE, United We Can, PP and PNV. However, the opposition assures that the socialist group and the popular group participated in the agreement.

After this great agreement, Rosa María Mateo will cease to be the sole administrator of RTVE to make way for José Manuel Pérez Tornero. Mateo was initially appointed to the post for three months, but his tenure was extended for two and a half years due to the delay in negotiations.

The PSOE and the PP began to continue their negotiations in the coming days to reach new agreements with the aim of unblocking the rest of the constitutional and institutional bodies, whose renewal is underway: the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) , the Constitutional Court, the Mediator, the Court of Auditors and the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

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