This is the new initiative of Fundacin Telefnica to make visible the role of women in today’s society.

This is the new initiative of Fundacin Telefnica to make visible the role of women in today’s society.

Fundación Telefnica joins #DiaInternacionalDeLaMujer to celebrate extraordinary women who, through their lives, projects and ideas, shape the future of an increasingly fair and egalitarian society. In this way, it organizes Women’s Week with a special program that aims to reflect the inclusive and egalitarian effort that the Fundación Telefónica deploys throughout the year through its four lines of action: digital knowledge and culture, employability, education and volunteering.

With this celebration, Fundacin Telefnica recalls how fundamental the presence of women is in a more just society and the best example is its ambassador Teresa Perales, synonymous with surpassing, effort and helping others who tells her inspiring story to through the #MejorConectados platform.

A week full of activities and proposals for women

As part of the Women’s Day celebrations, the Fundación Telefónica began its programming by hosting the presentation of the report “There is only one mother: single parenthood, sex and child poverty”, prepared by the High Commissioner against child poverty. The paper helps to describe the multiple realities of single-parent families in Spain, focusing on the incidence and risk of child poverty in female-headed households. The event was attended by the First Vice-President of the Government, Carmen Calvo, and the Managing Director of Fundacin Telefnica, Carmen Morens, among other women.

On the same day # 8M, Morens will be present at the roundtable on women’s leadership organized by the Red Cross. Together with other experts, they will discuss co-responsibility, the pay gap, female leadership, motherhood and the gender gap in business.

From here and throughout the week you can enjoy different activities for women by visiting the initiatives of Fundacin Telefnica.

Digital knowledge and culture: more voices to tell the story

The dissemination of cultural and technological knowledge is the raison d’être of Espacio Fundacin Telefnica and for this they do it hand in hand with leading women such as Belinda Tato, architect and expert in sustainable development and protagonist of the cover of # Telos115; Karina Sainz Borgo, journalist; Silvia Fernndez Palomar, National Design Award 2019, or Laura Morrn, author of “ On the shoulders of the giants ”.

During Women’s Week, the entity organized a program full of meetings, lectures and a PDcast with poetry and music to meet and defend women throughout history, as well as their presence and their contemporary activity. Among the proposals we can find the podcast like “Olvidadas: las muertas de Jurez”; the meeting on the poetics of the Universe “Universe How does the heart of the cosmos beat?”, by astrophysicist Eva Villaver; a virtual conversation with Elisabeth Cadoche and Anne de Montarlot, authors of the essay “The Impostor Syndrome”, who will give the clues to learning to believe in ourselves; or didactic concerts of the Intrepid Girls Club to highlight the great female voices of Literature.

Employability: promoting female leadership

The lack of women in science and technology is a reality. Aware of this, Fundacin Telefnica has launched various initiatives in recent years to promote the presence of women in technological disciplines. And currently, more than half of the beneficiaries of vocational training projects are women.

Conecta Empleo, the free online training program to improve professional technology skills, has over 54% female enrollment, from its launch in 2016 to March 2021. Another significant figure is the 40% female enrollment in Nanograd of Construction 4.0, a generally male sector.

The same is happening with the virtual professional advisor of Fundacin Telefónica, to which 49.35% of women have registered, and in the Conecta job shuttles with 67.19% female participation.

Another project that pursues the same objective is the initiative 42 of Fundacin Telefnica, whose programming campuses in Madrid and Urduliz reserve 30% of their access places for women with the aim of training more and more women in the trades. of today’s digital.

Equitable and inclusive education

Another big bet of the entity is to promote an education which guarantees the same development opportunities for boys and girls. To do this, last February joined the STEAM Alliance for female talents ‘Nias en pie de Ciencia’, to empower women in STEAM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in connection with the Arts and Human Sciences )

enlightED, in its stubborn edition, also served as a global stage to reflect on some of the keys to promoting female leadership in science and technology and the impact of the pandemic on young women’s interest in studying careers. STEAM.

ProFuturo, a digital education program launched by Fundacin Telefnica and “ la Caixa ”, to reduce the educational, digital and gender divide in vulnerable environments in Latin America, Africa and Asia, or the alliance with, to promote programming learning among young people.

We must also not forget the digital divide in social entities made worse by the pandemic. For this reason, the Telefnica Foundation launched, in April 2020, Conecta Educacin, a program that offers training and support for digital transformation to provide them with the tools, knowledge and skills necessary to continue to develop their social work.

Join forces with telephone volunteers

Currently, women represent 62% of the volunteering carried out in Spain and the Telefnica Volunteers are the left ventricle of the Foundation to help improve the lives of people at risk of exclusion.

Aware of this reality, Telefnica Volunteers join the Red Cross #Entrelazados campaign with the aim of making the various initiatives organized around International Women’s Day visible through social networks.

On February 11, on the occasion of International Women’s Day and Nia en la Ciencia, they gave inspiring lectures and workshops in the online format to encourage women’s access to tech jobs. An international initiative that aims to encourage students of all ages to choose a scientific or technological career, as well as to make visible the work carried out by Spanish scientists inside and outside our borders.

Another recently launched proposal is the “Conectad @ s” project, in collaboration with the I Want Work Foundation, with the aim of helping women at risk of social exclusion so that they can re-enter the labor market.

Fundación Telefónica, the social side of the digital age

Fundacin Telefnica has been working since 1998 to be a catalyst for social inclusion in the digital age, mobilizing other social agents, to join forces and promote transformation. With this vision, he seeks to improve the development opportunities of people, through educational, social and cultural projects. It works along 4 strategic axes: education, betting on its quality as a vector of social transformation, exploring, inspiring and transforming teaching models to bridge the educational gap; Employability, helping people to find employment opportunities and to train in the most requested technological profiles; Digital culture, creation and sharing of cultural and technological knowledge through various initiatives related to science, innovation, art and STEAM learning; and Corporate Volunteering, by mobilizing our employees, present in 32 countries, through Telefnica Volunteers, to carry out solidarity actions responding to social needs.

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