this is the new regulation in Mexico

The global pandemic we are experiencing has transformed the world of work, favoring remote working to protect employees and their families. While this program has benefits such as reducing transportation and dining costs, spending more time with loved ones, and even having time for leisure, the home office also presented various connectivity challenges, accommodation and unforeseen expenses for businesses and employees. . For this reason, the recently approved law for the regulation of the Home Office (HO) proposes that expenses for electricity, internet and work equipment such as computers, technological devices, chairs and trash can supplies be. provided by the employer for whom they are provided. the service.

As part of this new law that promotes the importance of human resources for companies, experts at Dots, a Mexican platform for managed services of computer equipment (equipment rental), specializing in the provision of technological solutions, seeks to support Mexican SMEs. to comply with this law to provide computers to all its employees, without having to decapitalize.

We share with you some of the benefits of leasing computer equipment as an alternative to providing employees with the necessary technological tools.

Cost: Leasing technology or Managed Computing Systems (SAC) allows you to provide up-to-date hardware to your employees without having to spend a large amount of money which can unbalance your business finances, in the same way you avoid to generate waste and maintain the working tools with the latest improvements. Dots offers next-generation technology rental services for entrepreneurs and business owners. IT advisor: By having external expert consultants, it allows your employees to concentrate all their efforts on objectives in their field without having to worry about other problems, the IT expert will be able to advise you in a personalized way in the event of a problem. computer science . Connectivity: Working with an optimal IT team allows employees to stay better connected with different departments, increases productivity and even helps reduce stress, by not facing the challenges of using obsolete computers.

In view of the new law, the need for companies to cut costs in order to provide all their employees with computer equipment and other supplies is of vital importance to maintain a healthy financial position, optimal results and employees. highly efficient in the face of work. distant.

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