This is the receipt that you must use to enter and exit the Community of Madrid

Posted: Tuesday December 22 2020 11:13

The Community of Madrid has made available to citizens the responsible declaration model with which citizens can justify their departure and their entry into the region to spend Christmas with relatives or friends and avoid the sanctions derived from the restrictions to fight against the pandemic of Coronavirus.

The document is simple and only requires filling in the personal data of the people traveling, indicating the origin and direction in which they will spend the holidays, as well as the reasons or personal relationship with the person visited.

Likewise, the document also requires the personal data of the family member or close friend. And he warns: “The inaccuracy or the lie of an essential nature of any data or information incorporated in this responsible statement will determine the impossibility of continuing the exercise of the right or the activity concerned from the moment when these facts are recorded, without prejudice to the responsibilities which there was room “.

You can download the document here:

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