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Updated: Monday, May 10, 2021 12:34 PM

Posted on: 10.05.2021 12:33

With the end of the state of alert in Spain, restrictions such as curfews or perimeter limits have fallen. From now on, the autonomous communities will have to have the approval of the corresponding Superior Court of Justice to apply measures limiting mobility. In the event that the TSJ of a community cancels the measures it has requested, the regional executive can appeal to the Supreme Court.

The Canary Islands were the first region to decide to file an appeal after the TSJC’s rejection. The decision of the High Court will establish jurisprudence and mark the way for the rest of the autonomies who wish to apply the same or similar measures.

Then, we detail which communities have requested these restrictions and which have decided to decline with the end of the state of alarm.

LACC who maintain the curfew

– Balearic Islands: justice has ratified the maintenance of the curfew in the Balearic archipelago, which remains in force between 23:00 and 06:00.

– Comunitat Valenciana: The curfew in this region has been approved by the courts, although it is two hours later than the one applied. It is thus established between 00h00 and 06h00. At least one individual has appealed to the Supreme Court against the decision of the Superior Court of Justice to approve the curfew and the rest of the restrictions requested by the Generalitat.

– Navarre: the Autonomous Community also intends to maintain its curfew, between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. However, it still needs approval from the region’s Superior Court of Justice.

– Canary Islands: The government of the Canary Islands will appeal today to the Supreme Court of the decision of the Superior Court of Justice, which annulled the curfew in the archipelago and the closure of the perimeter of the islands. Despite this decision, the regional government maintains that the measures against COVID-19 that they published in the Official Gazette can continue to be in force, “because the ordinance is not final and its contents can be reviewed by the Supreme Court”.

– Euskadi: The Superior Court of Justice of the Basque Country has overturned the curfew proposed by the Lehendakari, but decided that it will not appeal the decision, but will implement other measures.

Communities that have not requested a curfew

– Aragon

– Asturias

– Cantabria

– Castilla La Mancha

– Castile and Leon

– Catalonia

– The community of Madrid

– Extremadura

– Galicia

– La Rioja

– Murcia

– Ceuta

– Melilla

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