This is 'Veneciafrenia', by Alex de la Iglesia

Veneciafrenia was Alex de la Iglesia’s first shooting after the end of confinement. And he went to film in the Italian city with Silvia Alonso, Ingrid Garcia-Jonsson, Goize Blanco, and the Italians Caterina Munro (Bond girl in Casino Royale), Enrico Lo Verso (Stolen Children, Lamerica), Cosimo Fusco ( 30 coins) and Armando De Razza (The day of the beast). All in a film that is screened at the Sitges festival on October 9 before its commercial premiere on 26 November.

More information

  • Álex de la Iglesia, a roller coaster of pain, emotion and frozen laughter
  • Alex and Jorge, the days and the beasts

According to the synopsis, “the agony of the last decades in the city of Venice has unleashed anger among the Venetians. To stop the invasion, some have organized, unleashing their survival instincts. The protagonists, a simple group of Spanish tourists, travel to Venice with the intention of having fun, oblivious to the problems that surround them. There they will be forced to fight to save their own lives. ”

This is the first film from The Fear Collection, a collaboration between Pokeepsie Films with Sony Pictures Spain and Amazon Studios for produce original horror feature films. And here we have exclusively his trailer.

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