This is what coronavirus patients have to say to those who celebrated the end of the state of alarm between parties and crowds

While thousands of people still fight against the coronavirus, admitted to factories and intensive care units in Spanish hospitals, many others believe that there is no longer as much risk as before, and they do not have not hesitated to take advantage of the first hours without a state of alarm to get involved in parties and other types of mass gatherings.

Patients like Joana Giron, hospitalized after being infected, being eight months pregnant, couldn’t believe what had happened. “It seems pretty reckless to me. It’s crazy,” he told LaSexta. A few days ago, she was afraid for the life of her baby: “I could not find food, and in five days I lost six kilos” Now she is better, but she does not go out of his astonishment with the images of irresponsibility occurred a few minutes later: it was 00:00, time at which the state of alarm officially declined.

Too many people think the time for celebration has come. “Party”, “spoil everything” and “be free”, among the expressions most repeated among the participants. But for all, Carlos Hidalgo, who has just returned home after several days of hospitalization and with whom LaSexta spoke, has a message: “I do not understand this about so many uncontrolled people, without a mask. Freedom is not that, but being here saying it. The other thing is called serious irresponsibility. ”

Carlos Tercero also does not agree with this definition of freedom, who, at 28, knows what it is to transmit the disease in a serious way. “I was admitted to the military hospital with bilateral pneumonia,” he detailed on the channel, stressing that “freedom is being able to take advantage of your family”.

While many brag about the terrible ravages of the pandemic and what we still have to suffer, there are paradoxes of life: those in bed are trying to empathize. “We really like the night, having fun, but with caution. Otherwise, we’ll be as before,” said Joana. Especially since most of them, under the age of 60, are not vaccinated and are the most admitted to hospital.

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