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60% of management positions in the Madrid Chamber are held by women: this is its Equality Plan

Equality and co-responsibility is nothing new for the Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Madrid, which already had an Equality Plan since 2010, as proof of its commitment since then.

The current equality plan has been registered in the legislation in force, in accordance with the said law, the Chamber discusses this plan, as well as the commitment acquired by all parties, the representation of workers and the representation of the company, for the ‘continuous improvement With regard to equality, an obligation to “respect equal treatment and equal opportunities in the workplace”, adopting measures to avoid any type of discrimination between women and men.

Thanks to this commitment to equality, the Madrid Chamber has 68.29% women in its staff and they occupy 60% of management positions. A sample of the entity’s support for female leadership in both public organizations and the private sector.

Another objective of the institution of the chamber is to achieve full equality of treatment and opportunities on the basis of gender. As such, it has an Equality Commission which was renewed a little over a year ago, in April 2020, and which is made up of Julia Navarro and Eva Garca, representing employees; by Lola Milln and Juan Luis Labella, on behalf of the company; and with Dmaso Riao and Nuria Fuertes advising the project.

Within the framework of this Equality Plan, it has a series of actions designed to achieve objectives such as the promotion of a corporate culture in which equal opportunities is a fundamental value; adapt the professional qualification to the purpose of the post; train staff on equality and co-responsibility; identify reconciliation needs; include a gender perspective in business processes; as well as guaranteeing equality in all aspects, from remuneration to access to training; and finally, review and update the Sexual Harassment and the Sexual Harassment Protocol.

Among the tools available to the Madrid Chamber to achieve gender equality, there are training actions aimed at raising awareness of equality; staff selection days with a gender perspective or mentoring actions. They also opt for measures that affect working conditions and promote work-life balance through campaigns to publicize existing actions in this area and analyze current needs. On the other hand, they also put their efforts in raising awareness of harassment prevention protocols; in the use of gender language; and in actions for the inclusion of a gender perspective.

Agreements for the female impulse

Collaboration with entities that work for gender equality and visibility is one of the maxims of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce. Thus, with ASEME, it participates each year in the Equal Pay Day, an initiative which aims at equitable remuneration between men and women, because the pay gap has narrowed to 2013 levels and there is a difference of 23 % in the remuneration of both sexes.

He also collaborates with Inspiring Girls, a foundation that aims to increase girls’ self-esteem and professional ambition, as well as their professional expectations, through the experience of female volunteers from all sectors, he is also part of ” other projects such as the Programa Superior Women and Leadership, the Woman Leader Award 2020 or the Directory of Female Leadership in Spain (Woman Forward Foundation).

It also has a service aimed at promoting female leadership and a commitment to diversity through advice and guidance on equal opportunities, the design, preparation and implementation of equality plans. and other related services such as plan registration and equality. , its adaptation to the regulations in force, the pay register, salary audits, harassment protocols and offers advice to companies on equality and co-responsibility through seminars, workshops and webinars.

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