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The ‘Brick King’ juice shop in Malleswaram, Bangalore is famous for its innovative, eco-friendly and zero waste juice.

The ‘Brick King’ juice shop in Malleswaram, Bangalore is famous for its innovative, eco-friendly and zero waste juice. Anand Raj, the owner of this forty-year-old shop, is an engineer by profession, but he had to take up this responsibility after the death of his father.

She chose the fruit to serve the juice to attract rapidly declining customers and save the environment. After drinking the juice, the remaining shells of this fruit are given to the cows. With the banning of plastic waste, waste management has also become easier. Ananda gives students discounts for solving engineering questions.

That is why the juice here is special
Brick King is a Zero Waste Ross Cafe in Mallaswaram, Bangalore that works with women who like certain foods, juices and special double glasses. Here, for example, straw juice made with banana leaves is served in a glass with a fruit shell.

The city’s popular radio jockey Anand Raj left his twelve-year career to hold his father’s juice shop and make it environmentally-friendly. Using only locally collected fruits and vegetables, he made sure that the waste from the juice shop was being used properly.

Ananda divides her shop waste into wet and dry waste. Accepting social entrepreneurship, she also employs mothers in the Malleswaram region who can grow their business through their most popular food and also earn income in return.

Clean the toilet from the shell pulp
The local cafe serves South Indian style vegetarian food which costs from Rs 20 to Rs 100. By rebuilding plastic bottles, people here encourage you to bring your own glass or bottle if you want to do some parcels to get you back home.

Pleasure gives juice to watermelon, seasonal, guava, pineapple, banana and even tomato to prevent plastic wastage. At the same time, no plastic straw for drinking, straw made in banana pots is given for drinking juice.

Not only that, Anand uses the remaining shells, fruit pulp and shells to make their bio-enzymes that can be used as toilet and surface cleaners.

Apart from this it also has a cutlery bank at night. Here you can rent steel pots from them at reasonable cost and return them after use without using plastic plates and spoons.

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