“This man will be unmasked”

Update: Wednesday, June 30, 2021 5:35 PM

Posted: 06/30/2021 5:33 PM

The list of people affected by José Luis Moreno’s bad business is long. It dates back years and includes, for example, singer Serafín Zubiri. In 2009 he was hired for one of their programs and as he explained they accepted a cache of 1,800 euros which he was never able to collect because the company disappeared.

The singer then decided not to initiate legal proceedings: “It was going to be a long process in time and for 1,800 euros, it was not worth it. , he argues. The same happened to actress Monica Pont after working on one of her TV series, which couldn’t get her job back. She decided to report it and got paid, but it took two years.

This ‘modus operandi’, according to the actress, was a common practice of José Luis Moreno, but very few have dared to take the plunge and go to court. As Pont explains, a group of Spanish agents were planning to put together a joint request, but they ultimately decided not to because none of their actors were going to work with the producer again.

Even his own nephew, also a producer, Alberto Caballero, acknowledges the disagreements over the years they worked together due to financial issues. “He was not paid, he was paid late and the suppliers did not want to work with us,” he told LaSexta Caballero, describing the situation as “unpleasant”.

But its payment problems did not only occur in the audiovisual environment. The owner of a bar located near her studios claims to have accumulated a debt of more than 1,200 euros.

Not all of these workers were surprised by the arrest of Moreno, who has already spent his first night in prison. “Now this man is going to be unmasked,” Zubiri celebrated.

During searches framed in “Operation Titella”, they found nearly 165,500 euros, delivery notes and false invoices, a total of five safes and a panic room which was empty.

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