This mighty nuclear submarine becomes China’s power at sea, Indo-US will increase tension – Chinese Navy’s most powerful attack submarine type 093a will increase tension for India and us in Asia Pacific

Infamous for its aggressive policies around the world, China is now playing a new game at sea. Its powerful nuclear submarines secretly revolve around the South China Sea, Indian Ocean, and Pacific Ocean. These submarines patrol underwater in such a calm manner that their detection remains a challenge for the United States. However, the navies of India, the United States, Japan and Australia are working together to locate Chinese submarines at sea. Recently, military cooperation and secret information are also shared between these four countries.

This submarine is equipped with dangerous cruise missiles

These state-of-the-art submarines from China are known as Type 093. These nuclear powered submarines are also called Sheng-class submarines. The submarine is built by the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. This submarine is equipped with a CJ-1500 short-range cruise missile with a YJ-18 long-range supersonic cruise missile. Submarines of this class are capable of performing stealth operations for months at sea using nuclear power. The YJ-18 supersonic cruise missile is capable of attacking up to 540 km while the CJ-1500 is capable of hitting any air target from a distance of 10 km.

Deadly torpedoes can sink any ship

This submarine can perform any mission with 22 torpedoes at a time. It also includes thermal torpedoes and electric torpedoes. Which can be used based on the mission. On June 11, 2018, when President Xi Jinping visited the Type-93A, the YJ-18 launch tubes appeared. These missiles can target any enemy ship or base on land.

China’s preparation has increased tension between America and India

In view of this preparation by China, the tension of America and India has increased. Former US Secretary of Defense Mark Asper has said as part of the 2045 Battle Force being built from China for the Tucker, we will need to build three Virginia-class nuclear submarines as soon as possible each year. . These huge and more powerful submarines are to be made in number from 70 to 80. It is considered to be the most effective attack weapon in the battle of superpowers in the future.

China challenges America in Asia

The increasingly powerful China challenges US dominance in Asia. Due to the growing strength of China and aggressive policies, a new order is being seen on the Asian continent with the world system. China has strengthened its presence in Asia by increasing its military and economic capacity. It has also been able to attract countries traditionally close to the United States, such as the Philippines and Indonesia.

Which countries in Asia are threatened by China

India is most threatened by China’s expansionist policies in Asia. A direct example of this can be found in the gathering of the Chinese army in Ladakh. Apart from this, the tension is also high in China and Japan on the islands located in the East China Sea. Recently, Japan chased a Chinese submarine out of its waters. China has also openly threatened the use of military force in Taiwan. These days, Chinese fighter jets have also violated Taiwan’s airspace several times. At the same time, China also has disputes with the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

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