“This murder should never have happened”

Publication: Monday 23 November 2020 20:52

Bildu MP Jon Iñarritu expressed his condemnation of the ETA attack in which Antonio Salvá’s son, a Vox MP, was killed 11 years ago. Iñarritu expressly addressed the parliamentarian of the far-right formation to offer him his solidarity. The gesture occurred during the foreign affairs committee in which the two parties participate, at the Congress of Deputies.

In turn, Jon Irrañitu categorically condemned the murder of Antonio Salvá’s son, to whom he showed all his solidarity: “ When this terrible murder happened, this injustice that Mr. Salvá suffered in his family and that ‘he never had to having suffered, I expressed my condemnation, my rejection “.

“What I supported 11 years ago, I do not continue to maintain. With all my respect, my rejection and my condolences”, underlined the parliamentarian of the Basque formation.

As the MP himself put it, Jon Iñarritu had already expressly condemned the violence of ETA. In fact, he is from Aralar, the first party on the nationalist left to condemn terrorism. During his speech, he asked the president for permission to spend time and address Antonio Salvá and remind him of his absolute condemnation.

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