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Health Tips: Spices used at home work to make food delicious, but it is also very beneficial in terms of health. Learn about their various uses during all diseases.

Health Tips: Spices used at home work to make food delicious, but it is also very beneficial in terms of health. Learn about their various uses during all diseases-

Cinnamon does not allow insects

There are many benefits to cinnamon. If you have bad breath, put a piece of it in your mouth and drink its juice slowly. Drinking its powder with water does not cause worms in the teeth. Make a paste by mixing lemon juice in cinnamon powder and apply it on the face, it will remove the problem of acne.

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Cardamom will not cause om lati

Cardamom has many inal medicinal properties. If you have a sore throat, drink warm water after chewing cardamom in the morning and evening. If you feel nauseous or vomiting in a bus or car while traveling, then eat cardamom.

Black pepper is beneficial

Black pepper, the glory of spices in the kitchen, is also used as a medicine in Ayurveda. Getting black pepper powder with jaggery eliminates the problem of cough, cold and nausea. Rubbing black pepper on the teeth in the form of paste relieves toothache. Boil half a teaspoon of black pepper powder and bath in water and drink it hot, the toxins of the body come out. If small pimples appear on the skin, rub black pepper in a little water. If you feel headache or headache, Ayurveda experts recommend sniffing its powder. Using it daily in vegetables or other items purifies the blood.

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Clove oil for toothache

Cloves contain protein, iron, sodium calcium, phosphorus, potassium, carbohydrates and hydrochloric acid. The oil present in it relieves toothache. If there is sore throat or swelling in the throat, then mixing it with mustard oil in cloves is beneficial. In case of panic or vomiting, frying cloves and taking its powder with honey is beneficial.

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Fenugreek seeds in many ways

Anger of fenugreek seeds not only enhances the taste of vegetables, but it also eliminates air disorders. If you can’t sleep properly, then make a pillow of fenugreek seeds an inch thick and put it under your head to sleep. Ga Deep will fall asleep. Take fenugreek leafy vegetables in the morning and evening and take one teaspoon of lentils with warm milk in the morning and evening to get rid of cold and flu. If back pain occurs, make fenugreek ladu and take it in the morning and evening for three weeks and massage the back with fenugreek oil. If there is a burning sensation in the body, then take a well pc of fenugreek leaves and dissolve it in water and drink it and apply it on the body. Burning will be relieved.

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