This train will be a mobile palace on iron wheels, will compete with India’s Maharaja Express

Until a few years ago, in European countries, it was believed that train travel was now a thing of the past. Europeans still use the plane to travel long distances in comfort. But, a French designer has considered creating a luxury train that will change all the old experiences of passengers. Yes, this super luxury train will have all the facilities one sees in a palace. It is said that even this train can compete with the Maharaja Express of India. The train will have 1,300 foot panoramic windows, which can also be opened halfway up to give the shape of a balcony. The maximum speed of this train will be 160 kilometers per hour.
(Photo: Thierry Gaugain)

This ultra luxury train will be manufactured with Rs 2600 crore

Called the billionaire’s train, the design of this very luxurious train is the brainchild of French designer Thierry Gaugen. The cost of manufacturing this train will be around 350 billion dollars (around Rs 2,600 crore). The train will have 14 cars, each with smart glass windows and roofs. This train will be so modern that it will only need to flip a switch to adapt to the outside environment. The glass of this train can be changed from transparent to opaque whenever you want. There are many rooms specially designed for the owner of this train. It can accommodate 18 guests simultaneously. All kinds of amenities are arranged for them in this train. The train will have a large lounge which will be designed to accommodate the reception.

(Photo: Thierry Gaugain)

Only rich billionaires will be able to travel

Thierry Gaugen is a well-known French designer. He has worked with famous designer Philippe Starck on countless projects. Philippe Starck is world famous for having designed magnificent luxury yachts for European and American nobles. It was he who designed the 80-meter vessel Venus of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. However, Thierry Gaugen tried his hand at designing trains for the first time. This private luxury train is also designed just for the lucky and super rich people. Like other passenger trains, the coaches of this train can also be disassembled and reconnected as needed.

(Photo: Thierry Gaugain)

It is not a public train, but a private train.

Gaugen told CNN Travel that this super luxury train was designed for a single owner. It is not a public train or a passenger train. The owner we are considering is someone who is aware of the uniqueness of this train and understands that we are not just talking about transportation. It’s about the journey, not how fast you go from point A to point B. Gaugen believes that travel has become more focused on speed than actual travel. People who circulate there can take advantage of the path to reach their destination, which they would not even have thought of.

(Photo: Thierry Gaugain)

No one has purchased this design yet

He gave information about this train from a series of 3D images made on a computer. In these photos, information about the interior and exterior of the train has been given. Gaugen said he plans to build the G-Train with clients like Steve Jobs’ wife and billionaire businessman Laurene Powell Jobs in mind. However, they have yet to find clients to commission and pay for the construction of the train. It will take another two and a half years to fully complete the design of this train.

(Photo: Thierry Gaugain)

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