this will be the first visit of Gaspar, Melchor and Baltasar in the era of COVID-19


Publication: Monday, January 4, 2021 12:39

The coronavirus has interposed itself in plans around the world, even the magi themselves. However, this does not imply that Gaspar, Melchor, and Baltasar are failing in their duty to visit children all over Spain. Whether in a balloon, as will happen in Andalusia, or in a convertible, as will be the case in Asturias, Their Majesties of the East will do everything possible to make the dreams of this very special Christmas come true.

However, not only the mode of transport will change – the camels will have to rest in the desert this year – but also the intervention of the magicians themselves: due to safety and sanitary hygiene measures, the sweets will not be no more distributed, while many Enabled riding will be static.

Faced with this, different municipalities have chosen to show imagination in the event and to propose new alternatives to replace the classic floats. In addition, to avoid the crowds, the routes will be longer than usual, they will try to visit all neighborhoods, and even have secret routes.

Video conferencing, YouTube and other “streaming” platforms are also presented as important allies during this year’s festivities. We review how the arrival of their majesties will unfold in each community

In a balloon: the arrival of the kings in the Andalusian capitals

On December 11, the Junta de Andalucía published in the Official Journal of the Community its measures for the main Christmas events. In this document there is a specific section for the Cavalcade of the Magi, where it is stipulated that, in order to “guarantee compliance with the standards of hygiene and prevention” of this event, the “static parades in places where it can be checked are recommended. access. ”The regional government also indicates that other telematics options could be considered.

With this in mind, the City of Cordoba stuck to this last point of the text and opted for an unprecedented parade: each of the Three Kings will arrive in the Andalusian city in a personalized balloon, accompanied exclusively by their pages and without the possibility of throwing candy.

The local executive himself explained some of the risks of this decision: “The wind will be a very important factor. The route of the Ballons des Trois Rois will depend on its direction,” he wrote on his Twitter account. Additionally, the presbytery has confirmed that the parade will begin at 11:00 a.m. on January 5.

On the other hand, in Seville, the Three Kings will also use this means of transport, although the city’s Athenaeum has only specified the approximate time the tour will start: around 9:00 a.m. on January 5. According to the entity, “it was not able to announce the places of departure and arrival for security reasons”, as indicated in a statement.

At the same time, in the rest of the provinces, they have opted for other mechanisms: in Jaén the protagonists will arrive by paramotor, to be seen from the balconies; in Granada they will visit the city in an open-top bus (although in the city of Cúllar de Vega, for example, citizens can organize personalized tours with magicians through WhatsApp); in Huelva they will travel in a convertible car, in Almería the kings will communicate with children through an “app”, in Cadiz there will be static floats, while in Malaga they have been suspended.

Aragon: virtual format

In Zaragoza, the capital of the Aragonese region, the Three Kings will not walk the streets of the city. On the other hand, the consistory undertakes to broadcast a program “online” and on television, in which they will have a message for the children.

In Huesca, Their Majesties’ visit will also be viewed via telematics, in particular via the municipality’s YouTube channel. The same will happen in Teruel, where everything that happens on January 5 will be broadcast on Aragón TV.

Asturias: convertible cars for kings

The Asturian region has provided an interesting alternative to replace the classic cavalcade. Thus, in the city of Gijón, the monarchs will travel in a convertible car, from which 6,000 participants who have reserved their places will greet the participants. Others, on the other hand, should benefit from their Internet visit. In Oviedo, on the other hand, no events will take place that year. However, the route has not yet been announced, although in recent days they have received the little ones at the city’s Congress and Exhibition Center.

Balearic Islands: parade broadcast on television

This year the boys and girls of Mallorca should enjoy the visit of the Three Kings via the IB3 channel. In Ibiza, on the other hand, the same solution is recommended as in Gijón: a convertible car, visible from the balconies of the city.

Canary Islands: video calls as a solution

Canary Television will also broadcast the arrival of Their Majesties; However, in addition to this remote meeting, in the city of Las Palmas, Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar made video calls with some 3,000 children in the city.

Cantabria: static riding with limited capacity

The Three Kings will be on January 5 in the cloister of Santander Cathedral. However, only a few children will be able to enjoy the event, since the appointments to get to the event were sold out within an hour, as the city’s Party Council reports on its Facebook account. Sanidad ultimately rejected the first option for the event, which consisted of a royal procession that traveled 50 kilometers through the city.

Catalonia: in Barcelona, ​​it will be broadcast on television

Barcelona will not have the Three Kings Parade either; however, as in other places, it will be shown on television. The event will take place behind closed doors from the Santa Eulalia kayak.

Castilla y León: no more static events

In Castilian-Leonese autonomy, children will also not be able to physically follow the Three Kings during their visit this year. Despite the fact that Ávila proposed an extended route, 14 kilometers, the proposal was ultimately rejected. Thus, you will only be able to attend a static parade at the Lienzo Norte Congress and Exhibition Center.

This example has been extrapolated to other places in the region; In other words, if a parade is to take place, all of them must be static. In Salamanca, on the other hand, they chose to broadcast a gala on the La 8 channel, which can also be seen on the consistory’s YouTube channel.

Castilla-La Mancha, also with static riding

In Toledo, Guadalajara and Albacete, the Three Kings will appear as in many other regions: with prior invitations and at a fixed point. In Cuenca, on the contrary, they recommend a visit from Their Majesties “through the window”. Thus, the city council hopes to bring the event to all parts of the city.

Valencian Community: Berber camp in the capital

In Valence, Gaspar, Melchor and Baltasar will be in the glass room of the town hall. However, the option of creating a real camp where the protagonists can receive the visit of the children in an orderly manner was also considered, as the advisor of the festive culture reported to Cadena Ser on December 15. Although this option has not yet been confirmed.

In Alicante, the Three Kings Parade has multiplied into seven static figures, while in Castellón there will be a royal caravan made up of convertible vehicles. As in many other cities, the route of the course will not be revealed, to avoid the crowds.

Extremadura: private event in Badajoz, hot air balloon in Cáceres

Most boys and girls in the capital of Extremadura will have to enjoy the arrival of the Three Kings through their television, as the reception will be private. However, in Cáceres they will do as in some regions of Andalusia and will travel in an aerial parade. In addition, the event can be followed from the website of the Three Kings of Cáceres.

Galicia: differences between the provinces

In Vigo, this year’s Cavalcade of the Magi will be static. Thus, it will be installed on Avenida de Castelao, where participants must travel four by four, always in groups of cohabitants, as the Faro de Vigo emphasizes. In La Coruña, on the other hand, there will be a mobile parade and information will be provided at all times on the location of their Majesties. The route has also been extended.

La Rioja: arrival by helicopter

The Three Kings arrive in Logroño by helicopter, but without landing at Las Gaunas stadium. As elsewhere, the parade will not take place: in mid-December, the consistory continued to study its strategy to bring the children of kings closer, as confirmed by Europa Press. Finally, as the council pointed out in a statement, it advocated a tour by convertible bus.

Madrid: televised parade

Already in early December, the capital of Madrid was planning that Christmas parades and concerts on the public highway could only take place in limited areas, with the public seated, and without being able to exceed 50% of the capacity. As reported by the local government, Telemadrid will broadcast on television and the Internet the arrival of the Magi of the East.

At the same time, from 6.30 p.m., 25 minutes apart and at six different locations in Madrid, flashes of light will be fired in the form of a kite: these will announce the arrival of the Kings. This is how the capital has planned the meeting of the monarchs in this unusual year and, unlike other occasions, the usual parade that goes from Nuevos Ministerios to the Palacio de Cibeles will not take place.

Murcia: ‘streaming’ from Youtube

In Murcia, the Three Kings will visit children from their computers, televisions and mobile phones, as the parade will be broadcast in its entirety on YouTube. Likewise, José Ballesta, mayor of the city, confirmed on his Twitter account that the kings “will arrive in Murcia by plane and cross the districts of Murcia by open-top bus”. The goal is for children to be able to welcome them from the balconies of their homes.

Navarra: Theater-Circus in Pamplona

On December 30, the Cavalcade of the Association of the Magi of Pamplona explained in a statement that their solution to the arrival of the Magi in the era of COVID-19 is “Stella, the journey of the Magi”. A theater-circus which will be represented with the participation of more than 50 actors, and in which the origin of the journey of their majesties will be told.

Basque Country: in Bilbao, musical performance instead of the parade

The Three Kings will be presented on January 5 in Bilbao, where 400 people can attend a short musical show. As confirmed by the city council, there will be a total of five functions, from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., which can also be seen from Telebilbao. Tickets are already sold out.

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