This will open the door for students to be vaccinated against COVID in schools

Posted: Thursday Jun 03 2021 1:45 PM

Education Minister Isabel Celaá opened the door for students aged 12 to 15 to get vaccinated in schools

In addition, the minister did not rule out that the vaccination could be carried out in the centers themselves, even if she specified that the decision corresponds to the Ministry of Health. “Yes, he could be vaccinated (in educational centers). If health personnel are sent there, yes,” the education official said in an interview with RNE.

As for the start dates of the process, “we will see”, according to Celaá, “whether the vaccination is carried out before starting the next course or at the beginning of September”: “Depending on our condition.”

This possibility arises after the European Medicines Agency last week approved Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine for use in children aged 12 to 15.

The EMA based its decision on data from a large clinical trial in adolescents conducted by the pharmaceutical company, which showed that the vaccination is 100% effective in this age group.

This will exclude the dispensation of masks in schools

Celaá also spoke on other issues such as the possibility that students would stop wearing masks in the schoolyard from September, which was questioned.

“Masks have been essential to maintain health in classrooms and it is difficult to think that we will do without them”, he stressed, while recalling that this protocol depends on health: ” But we were able to have all the centers open during The whole course, with only 0.3% of classrooms quarantined, was to maintain strict discipline; these are not educational standards and we do what we do. tells us with the masks “.

However, he recalled that it is a “dynamic protocol which advances according to the evolution of the pandemic”, but insisted on the fact that “it is important that the center remains open with a maximum of presence”.

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