“Those who defend the assault on the Capitol have them a few meters from us”

Publication: Sunday, April 25, 2021 1:14 PM

Pedro Sánchez sees Vox as “a threat to democracy”. Nine days before the elections to the Community of Madrid, the president of the government again supported the socialist candidate, Ángel Gabilondo, in an act in which he criticized the fact that the far-right formation had “crossed a line”.

“On Friday the far right crossed a line. They thought it would look like a farce, like something normal, that we were going to accept it as something normal, but it won’t be like that. last line to the cross, ”asked the president of the government, who recalled the assault on the Capitol in Washington.

“We shudder when we remember the march on Capitol Hill, but their equivalents, the people who defend the same thing we saw on Capitol Hill in Washington, we are very few yards from us,” Sánchez adds.

In the same vein, Ángel Gabilondo assured that “fascism is not a fantasy”, but “a real threat”, and attacked Isabel Díaz Ayuso for her “indifference” to the position of Vox in the face of threats of death against Iglesias, Grande- Marlaska and Gámez: “We are scandalized by this indifference because it is complicity.”

For her part, Isabel Díaz Ayuso has defended that Pablo Iglesias and Pedro Sánchez are “finished”, for whom she criticizes, she says, “praising the feeling of civil war”. In addition, he criticized the PSOE for organizing their rally this Sunday at a sports center in Getafe located in one of the areas with reduced mobility.

“Power is exercised with love for Spain. If you don’t know how to admit that tragedy belongs to everyone, then you are not prepared for power. Maybe you don’t. have never been and have come to Moncloa in a different way and in the same way, but in the polls, you are going to give it up, ”settled the popular candidate.

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