“Those who have strayed from the party line are others, not us”

Fourth expulsion in Ciudadanos, that of Antonio Sánchez. The Orange Party reacted in this way by seeing him promise to advise alongside his two colleagues accused of transfuguism. To LaSexta’s questions, one of them, Francisco Álvarez, the new Minister of Employment, Research and Universities, defended himself as follows: “We are not turners. removed from the party line and the agreement signed in June. 2019 I think it is the others, not us. “For his part, Valle Miguélez, new Minister of Trade, Industry and spokesperson, will be relieved of the chairmanship of the Commission of Inquiry on Vaccines.

The reason, as citizens’ spokesman in the Murcia Assembly, Juan José Molina, said is that Miguélez “has sold itself to the party which must be investigated for these irregular vaccinations” . But not just Álvarez, other MEPs accused of being turners defended themselves against accusations from their colleagues and other political groups. “I did not even vote and they have already kicked me out of the party. They have already punished us. I will study everything. My commitment to Ciudadanos continues.” And they add: “I do not exclude legal proceedings”. They consider that they were not expelled “for a reasonable cause”: “I did not do anything wrong”.

Another of the deputies does not want to leave the parliamentary group directly, but they consider that it is more difficult for them. The reason: in the Assembly, there is no “unassigned” option. And he insists: “We are citizens, those who skipped the statutes are the others. We defend what has been approved and ratified by the General Council, which is the supreme organ of the party.”

Cs crisis is getting worse

Very lively atmosphere among citizens facing the meeting that the national executive will hold on Monday to measure the impact of the Murcia fiasco and assess the actions to be taken accordingly. Party members admit to LaSexta that they believe that the leadership will protect themselves again and limit themselves to blaming the PP. Thus, they consider that “there is no one behind the wheel”, that there is also no “national strategy” and they fear that the formation “is determined to shoot itself in the foot” . Some go further and question the leadership capacity of Arrimadas. However, it does not appear that, at the moment, no one will ask for the president’s resignation.

Since the departure of Albert Rivera, the surroundings of Arrimadas have been continually challenged by the leadership and the position adopted by the party on the various political fronts that they keep open: government agreements in the Community of Madrid and Castilla y León until the failure of the formation in the Catalan elections of the 14F. Among them, one of the best known is Carlos Cuadrado for his accumulation of organic power. At the same time, there is a lack of political vision.

Precisely, the party’s debacle in the Catalan elections was the last straw for various members of Ciudadanos, who began to demand the resignation of certain leaders and organic changes, denouncing that a month after what happened in Catalonia, not only did they not realize. changes, but an operation like the one in Murcia was faced without having been previously consulted and which ended up blowing up the internal crisis that persisted in the party. The most critical voices call for restructuring and even resignations.

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