“Those who incited violence against Vox would not accept Vox’s votes”

Publication: Sunday, January 17, 2021 08:57

Santiago Abascal, leader of Vox, excludes that his formation provides possible support to the PSC of Illa in the Catalan elections in the event of entry into Parliament with force, assuring that “this will not happen under any circumstances”.

“Those who demonized him or incited violence against Vox would not accept Vox’s votes. Illa is among the instigators of this violence, with which it will not happen,” Abascal said in an interview with the newspaper. El Monde ‘.

Abascal accuses the Ministry of the Interior, the Spanish government and the Generalitat of being “behind the violence against Vox”. In addition, he defends tension in politics because he believes that “what is needed is to tell the truth”.

“If the truth is strained, then the tension is welcome, but we must stress that this government is responsible for the ruin, the death of many Spaniards and the breakdown of coexistence. And as responsible for the betrayal for having accepted separatism, with terrorism ”, thinks.

On the relations of his party with the PP, Abascal admits not having spoken with Pablo Casado since his meeting in the motion of censure. “It is a relationship of political parties which are adversaries for the moment, more than partners, but because the PP has decided,” he explains.

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