“Those who say we are traitors disqualify themselves”

Publication: Friday, May 21, 2021 12:41

The president of the ERC, released from prison to attend the inauguration of Father Aragonès, assured the ARV that his party continues with a “clear commitment to independence”.

This was delivered after being asked about voices accusing his party of straying from the republic goal. “Otherwise, of what use would all that we have done and of which we feel so proud? The republic is not only legitimate, but it is also useful and essential to provide the best services to all citizens,” he said. declared.

Junqueras assures that his “commitment” is to build the independence “of the democratic mandate” and “the maximum consensus” and replied to the followers of JxCAT who reject him: “Those who say that we are traitors more than disqualify themselves. just look at what each of us has done. “

“I am very proud of everything we have done, I am very proud of this future government. Declaring independence is not a crime, it is not included in any penal code, and if it is not included it is not a crime, I have the obligation to remember it ”, indicated.

Regarding the new ERC government, Junqueras said he was convinced that “everyone will bring the best they have”: “Aragonès is the best president we can have”.

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