“Those who want to separate us from our predecessors are cut to the bone”

Publication: Tuesday, March 2, 2021 3:49 PM

PP president Pablo Casado does not want to be called lukewarm when it comes to defending the legacy of his predecessors at the head of the team. This Tuesday, he defended in an act with the former president of the government José María Aznar the past of the popular: “Those who want to share the new generation of the PP with our predecessors prick themselves to the bone.”

Casado has been frank in this regard, after several weeks of back and forth over the past of his training, lamenting corruption in previous terms, but at the same time justifying the achievements of Aznar and Mariano Rajoy at the head of the government.

A balancing act, just after announcing the move of the historic headquarters of the formation in Genoa Street in Madrid due to suspicions of corruption in its reform.

Casado took advantage of an act organized by the Atlantic Institute of Government – founded by Aznar himself – to justify the 25 years of the electoral victory of 1996 and the 10 years of the absolute majority of Rajoy, in 2011.

And he said it, in addition, just two days after an interview with Aznar was broadcast on LaSexta -the first-, granted to Jordi Évole, where the former president of the government responded in this way to the question: “Do you feel that Casado is calling you?” corrupted when leaving Genoa? “

“It is unacceptable to present the PP as a criminal organization,” he said. In addition, Aznar underlined his admiration and his “respect for the members of the PP”, of which he declared that “they suffered a lot and created an impressive party”.

“Neither democracy nor the stability of Spain can be written without the PP and it is well above a concrete episode,” Aznar insisted on the controversial cases of corruption in training.

“Being serious and responsible is not fashionable”

For the current popular leader, the problem with his formation for which they have lost so many votes is that “now a serious and responsible party is not in fashion”.

Moreover, this loss of support is not due to a lack of conviction of its former voters, but there are other parties which imitate popular values: “It is not bankruptcy by deception, but by imitation” .

For this reason, Casado’s recipe is not part of his training, but must “try to move the social majority towards the centrality, transversality and moderation of the party”.

For Aznar, however, the recipes for success and accession to power remain the same in 2021 as in 1996: “Budget discipline, tax cuts, maintenance of order, foreign ambition … All this does not. has not changed “.

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