threat of attack from US Nimitz in Iran: threat of Iranian attack, US aircraft carrier remains in West Asia – threat of attack from Iran US aircraft carrier Nimitz will remain in the Gulf

The US Department of Defense at the Pentagon has said the US aircraft carrier USS Nimitz will remain in the West Asian Sea as the United States is faced with an attack from Iran. The US Department of Defense said three days ago that the USS Nimitz stationed in the Middle East would be withdrawn for 10 months, but now the US has changed its position.

Pentagon Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller said the USS Nimitz will now continue in the area of ​​operations. The US government made this decision after much deliberation. The US move comes after Iran celebrated the first birthday of its Marhoom military leader Kassem Suleimani. On January 3, 2020, Sulemani was killed by a drone attack near Baghdad airport.

This has led to a deepening of the tension between the two countries and once again a situation of military confrontation is observed in the region. Iran has alleged that the United States has sent its nuclear bombers to the Persian Gulf, while the Donald Trump administration says the Iranian navy has become more active in the past 48 hours. On the other hand, the Israeli media have quoted US sources as claiming that Israel and Saudi Arabia are pushing Trump to demolish Iran’s nuclear facilities before his term ends.

America is preparing for the attack?
According to the CNN report, America fears Iran will not try to target America on January 3, Sulaimani’s birthday. Not only that, political analysts also feared that Trump, who was troubled by Joe Biden’s presidential victory, would seek to further complicate the dispute with Iran in order to create difficulties for the new government.

Indeed, Biden’s plan is to reduce the pressure Trump put on Iran, negotiate with him, and bring Iran back to the Paramnu deal. In such a situation, experts believe Iran will take all thoughtful steps so that the restrictions on Biden can be relaxed.

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