three activities not to miss this summer

Digital training, improvement of soft skills and rest: three activities not to be missed this summer

After a year marked by the impact of the pandemic and restrictions, the summer season 2021 presents itself as the ideal period to train and grow both personally and professionally, in addition to resting and disconnecting, enjoying of scanning that allows access to – almost – any type of content from any device and from anywhere.

In this sense, there are various applications and technological tools that facilitate the tasks that professionals should include in their to-do list throughout the summer to improve their professional profiles and areas of employability. Among these, The Valley recommends: training in digital professions to have the digital skills and knowledge required by the new employment landscape; improve soft skills, soft skills increasingly requested by companies; and disconnect and rest through activities such as yoga or mindfulness.

Looking ahead to September and the last quarter of the year, we expect the labor market to accelerate and the hiring rate to become normal. In this context, the professionals who present themselves with the most complete profiles will be the most relevant for companies seeking to recruit talent. Those with the most growth include marketers or digital businesses and experts in Growth Hacking, Ecommerce, and agile methodologies.

Thus, the recommendation is to take advantage of the time to perform practices that help to improve the professional profile to be relevant in the new work landscape and the reactivation of the labor market, in addition to strengthening the well-being of the body and the spirit, something that also influences the daily performance of professionals. In this sense, the experts at The Valley recount some activities that can be carried out to achieve these goals, and how technology can facilitate them:

Digital skills training to update for professional reactivation in September: For many, training is a personal or professional goal, and thanks to the wide range of online and specialized programs, this task has become easier. And it is that distance education has seen significant growth and advancements over the past year, making great strides in its digital transformation and providing the opportunity to gain knowledge from anywhere and at any time. moment, without having to give up summer travel. In this sense, experts indicate that the key lies in digital training and in the specific disciplines with which professionals can obtain the necessary expertise to meet the demands of manpower, and that in addition, it is they that will help professionals stand out. facing the job search with the reactivation of the labor market in September, a month during which many take advantage of the “return to studies” to change jobs or seek promotion. One example is The Valley’s Master Fundamentals in Digital Business Summer Edition, a 100% online program that has been specially created to acquire key digital commerce learnings in disciplines such as Digital Commerce, Growth Hacking, Commerce electronics or Soft Skills and agile methodologies. . All this through an innovative format that allows to train without schedules, anytime and anywhere according to the convenience of each one. Summer training without sacrificing summer.

Improve soft skills, skills increasingly in demand on the labor market: the new, uncertain, vulnerable, complex and changing environment has made even more the importance of professionals who not only have the technical knowledge required for a position but also with skills and soft skills which are those that add the most value compared to machines. Thus, skills such as critical thinking, creativity to meet new challenges, participatory leadership, managing diversity in an increasingly collaborative environment, emotional intelligence in the current hybrid model, strategic capacity To lead projects or the reverse predisposition, are just some of the soft skills that stand out the most in today’s work environment and that will allow professionals to be successful in this environment.

Relaxation and rest, two highly sought-after factors that provide many benefits for mental health: the arrival of summer is desired by many professionals who, with the pandemic, have had mental or workloads. In this sense, and to release tension and stress, various activities can be performed from anywhere. Among them, exercise outdoors to release endorphins or yoga or mindfulness sessions to learn to manage emotions and enjoy the present moment, which also bring various benefits for work such as better management of problems or better decision making. The good news is that there are currently different mobile apps and tools that provide access to a wide range of content of all kinds.

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