Three compelling reasons to digitize SMEs

Many small and medium-sized businesses have based their “success” in 2020 on their own survival. For this, they opted for platforms and digital solutions that would allow them to follow the course of their activity and avoid stagnation or closure of their business. This large number of SMEs, which have shown flexibility and the ability to react quickly to adopt a digital approach, have succeeded in reaching 2021 under more or less advantageous conditions. While other organizations that did not have the necessary agility or foresight or the appropriate tools, were unable to continue their activity, presenting very alarming turnover. Or, even, shut down permanently.

Isabel Pomar, CEO of Datisa emphasizes: “We know that digitization is a successful long term strategy. But over the past few months, we’ve also seen their ability to deliver results in a shorter-term perspective, even in vertical markets. Digital platforms have also helped small and medium-sized businesses lower their operating costs, automate their processes, and dramatically minimize their margin for error. And, all this, under the magnifying glass of profitability at a really critical moment ”.

Despite this, it is necessary to give it the necessary importance when reassessing the solutions adopted during the pandemic to determine their use beyond the crisis. According to the Spanish firm of ERP for SMEs, it is important to combine digital tools with a solid innovation strategy aimed at efficiency and improving competitiveness. Most importantly, it helps to understand, facilitate and streamline processes. And, above all, it makes it possible to establish a direct link between technology and profitability.

In addition to the above, there are three main reasons to encourage small and medium-sized businesses to continue to digitize their environments:

The overhaul of business operations. This fact is closely linked to mobility and remote working, so digitization will be essential to support processes which, in addition to being efficient, must also be transparent. A more digital operational ecosystem: The digitization of the company will allow a better knowledge of the processes, customers, costs, benefits, profitability of the various cost centers, businesses, etc. This more detailed knowledge will streamline operations, but above all will have a positive impact on customer service and loyalty, service delivery and, in general, add value to your business processes. Smart companies: With digitization as the mainstream, SMEs have at their disposal different ERP platforms, innovative, functional and affordable. Organizations that integrate their key processes on an ERP platform will drive their transformation towards business intelligence. In other words, they will be closer to becoming smart businesses, data-driven organizations that revolve around the knowledge provided by the information they process, capable of making decisions, even in real time.

However, from Datisa, they insist that “it is not about investing more, but maximizing the potential of the investment made. That is to say, make the technology – and the redefinition of processes – profitable as quickly as possible. We have seen that many organizations which, before the crisis, were skeptical when it comes to investing in digital solutions and / or strategies, during the pandemic relied unconditionally on digital technologies to survive or even evolve. . In this sense, the support of an experienced technology partner will help SMEs provide their customers with the additional value they need and which will allow them to thrive in the midst of any crisis ”.

There is no doubt that the future is digital, so organizations of all sizes and environments will integrate digitalization into all aspects of their business. With innovative technologies and a scenario as turbulent as it is uncertain, digital investment will be imperative for SMEs wishing to remain competitive.

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