Three essential advantages of AI in the recruitment process

Three essential advantages of AI in the recruitment process

Knowing what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is and how it can change the management of Human Resources, allowing any organization to get the best out of it, as shown in the study “The impact of Artificial Intelligence in HR ”carried out by the firm Adecco, where 98% of respondents believe that this exponentially increases the productivity of the company.

In addition to this, VenturesSoft, a Mexican company that pioneered the use of cloud technology for human capital management, exposes another of the great benefits that AI already offers in the personnel selection process:

1. Optimization of time and tasks

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the scientific field of computer science that focuses on creating programs and systems capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. The key point of this technology is that it has the ability to learn project models and scenarios in order to prevent and measure latent risks.

Through tools aimed at improving personnel selection processes, Artificial Intelligence promises great advances in the optimization of time and tasks. By integrating it, it will be easier to process applications, analyze applicants, schedule interviews, administer exams and compare results.

Companies will be able to streamline the procedures for recruiting new employees and will increase both candidate and selection team satisfaction. In addition, simplify the registration of candidates and their information thanks to an optimized Job Bank, which adapts to the requirements of the company.

2. Shorter times and better results

More and more organizations are starting to automate their recruiting processes and benefit from the ease of finding and selecting candidates. Thanks to software, they manage to find the ideal candidate in record time and in a much more efficient way.

With a selection of keywords related to the profile of the position sought, AI platforms compile huge amounts of data, in this case the CVs of candidates, to highlight those who best qualify based on the job. of their skills.

This practice will significantly reduce the time a recruiter spends reviewing each CV. What was done in a few hours or days, now takes a few minutes and let’s say it’s something that already exists on the market like in products like Human Pandora.

3. The most qualified candidates

The benefits of artificial intelligence are revolutionizing the selection and hiring process. They allow much more precise and sensitive adjustments, which will help make better decisions and better choices.

Recruiters or hiring managers can now focus on fitter candidates than ever before and get rid of a bit of the must-have tasks to make that happen. It opens up the possibility of carrying out much more detailed research. You just need to properly adjust the smart filter tools for the best results. Some data to select from are: job title, industry, location, income, education, age, work experience and more.

“Artificial intelligence and big data have enormous potential when it comes to recruiting, eliminating manual tasks, and a much more prolific recruiting process and this is something we are already working on with Human Pandora.” Puntualiz Jorge Kramis, CEO of Venturessoft.

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