Three essential sectors with a strong demand for masters

We live in a time of change and more and more people are choosing to embark on a new career path. One of the pathways to this challenge is training by studying for a master. Thanks to the academic explorer OTONAUTA you can access in a practical and detailed way the most requested programs

BY RRHHDigital, 4:15 p.m. – March 11, 2021

Undertaking a new professional path goes through the adventure of training. And studying a master is one of the most direct and effective ways to do it. In online, face-to-face or remote formats, these training courses have more and more users. The most requested, according to the number of searches on Google, are in the fields of health, education and business.

COVID-19 has changed the world and, with it, the horizon of the most in-demand professions. While many sectors have been severely affected – catering, leisure or tourism – the demand for professionals in sectors such as healthcare or technology has exploded. To the first belongs one of the masters most in demand today: the Master in General Health Psychology, which allows psychological assessments and interventions to promote and improve general health. Is there anything more important right now? Among the most popular study options of this course are those at the universities of Madrid, Valencia, Granada, Barcelona or Seville.

Education is another essential pillar of a society, and it is linked to another of the most sought-after masters on the internet: the Masters for Teachers. The old CAP, in which we learn to teach and we like to do it in very diverse specialties, in compulsory secondary education (ESO), the baccalaureate, vocational training and in artistic, sports and linguistic education. Those of UNED, UCM and UPV / EHU are among the most requested programs in the public sphere, and in the private university sector those of UNIR, the University of Nebrija or several in Valence stand out.

Due to the unstoppable digital transformation, other job profiles on the rise are those related to digital marketing. More and more, companies appreciate the guarantee offered by a professional who builds tailor-made content and strategies at the point of sale and who personalizes the customer experience. ESIC, UNED, UOC, UNIR and Aula CM offer some of the most popular training in this area.

And the human resources department is another key element of business success. Being part of the adventure of knowing how to lead and manage the talent of human capital is an attractive option and more and more in demand.

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