Three-eyed rat video Viral: Video: Scary three-eyed ‘rat’ walking down the street, people panicked – watch bizarre three-eyed mutant rat hybrid animal baffling people Video goes viral

Mice are often seen roaming every house, but a scary three-eyed ‘rat’ is a topic of discussion on social media these days. This rat-like creature is walking around a city, it has yet to be fully detected, but people were horrified after watching the video itself. This video was posted on social media by a user residing in Texas, USA.

We see in the video that this creepy creature appears to have three eyes. His question is very long and in some parts there is also a lot of hair. This rat seemed to be walking on the road. In the street, when the videographer pointed a camera towards his face, it felt like his three eyes were staring at the videographer. He later escaped.

Watching the video, it seems that this mysterious creature is not afraid of humans. His two eyes are in the right place but the third eye is in the middle of his head. This video was posted by a user residing in Texas on Ticketock. Where is said video said, we do not yet know exactly. At the end of this video, the mysterious creature turns its face to the other side.

This video is shared relentlessly on social networks. After watching this video, one user commented that this creepy creature appears to be a hybrid form of rat and squirrel. This is called “scrat” or “squirrat”. Another user wrote: “For the first time it looked like a mouse to me. Then he looked like a squirrel. After that it looked like a cat. One user has stated that this squirrel is found in North America.

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