Three former general secretaries of the PP testify in the case B trial against the accusations of Bárcenas: Cospedal, Arenas and Cascos

Published: Tuesday, March 23, 2021 7:19 AM

The PP Box B trial resumed on Tuesday with the statements as witnesses of historical leaders of the People’s Party. The political week will be marked by the testimonies of the former presidents of the formation and of the government, José María Aznar and Mariano Rajoy, as well as of three former general secretaries of the popular: Francisco Álvarez Cascos, Javier Arenas and María Dolores de Cospedal.

Today, they declare these three: in total, nearly 25 years of management at the head of the General Secretariat of the Conservative Party. And they face the accusations of black accusations of the former treasurer, Luis Bárcenas, who also designates them as being aware of the irregular financing of the party, accredited in a judgment of the Supreme Court.

The statement as witnesses of Cascos, Arenas and Cospedal implies two very important things: they will have to answer all parties and, in addition, they will not be able to lie in their testimonies.

Bárcenas designated Arenas as a connoisseur of Box B. In fact, according to the former treasurer, there would be a recording which would serve as proof. The problem is that this audio is said to be part of the documents stolen in 2013 by the notorious Operation Kitchen, a police operation with funds set aside to steal documents.

The former PP senator assures that Arenas and Álvarez Cascos have received bonuses. In the case of Cascos, Bárcenas assures us that he was the architect of this irregular financing when he was the popular “number two”, between 1989 and 1999.

Bárcenas and Cospedal: intimate enemies

But, without a doubt, the focus will be on the last Secretary General: Cospedal. Among other things, because of the enmity between the former Minister of Defense and the former treasurer.

Cospedal was tasked with removing Bárcenas from the party when the illegal funding crisis erupted, which, of course, did not help forge a friendship.

From the former secretary general to Rajoy between 2008 and 2018, Bárcenas has repeatedly assured that he has collected bonuses: “It is my hand which gives the envelope to Mrs Cospedal with these sums.”

According to the former treasurer, the former Minister of Defense would have received an envelope with money, approximately 25,000 euros, in 2010, which came from the PP of Pontevedra. “I put it in two envelopes [entre 40.000 y 50.000 euros] and, since from the last note neither Secretary Cospedal nor President Rajoy had received anything because we had left the box at zero, I am giving each one half an envelope ”.

Cospedal has assured on several occasions that the former treasurer of the PP, Luis Bárcenas, “lies again” by accusing him of having collected bonuses from the party and recalled that he had already been convicted by judicial means for ” defamations and insults “similar against him. .

“This person, in legal proceedings, is lying again, as he has done over and over again although he is legally prohibited from talking about me,” Cospedal said in a statement after Bárcenas insisted on illegal payments.

In addition, the former Minister of Defense recalled that the provincial court of Toledo had condemned him for violating the right to honor “with an obligation to cease such interference” and fixed compensation of 50,000 euros that Cospedal has not yet perceived. Likewise, he cites the so-called “computer lawsuit” on the destruction of their computers by the PP, supposedly to hide evidence, a procedure which ended with the “free dismissal” of the people investigated. “because the accusations were clearly false.”

Bárcenas asked the PP to stop being cowardly

Former PP Treasurer Luis Bárcenas called on his party to stop being cowardly and accept that there was irregular funding for the party.

“The only annoying thing is the cowardice of a series of people who are unwilling, like others do, to admit that we were wrong, that we made mistakes, that we funded ourselves irregularly. and that we knew what we were. Bárcenas expressed to questions from his lawyer, Gustavo Galán, during his testimony in court that the judges in box B of the PP and the alleged payment with irregular money for the reform from his seat.

“In a situation like today, where everyone is out of politics and what are called political responsibilities cannot be demanded of them … It seems cowardly to me, in colloquial terms, to not to appear “, censured Bárcenas, condemned to prison for the first piece of Gürtel.

This Tuesday, the journalist Pedro J. Ramírez, then director of the newspaper “El Mundo”, which published the “Bárcenas newspapers” and former deputy Eugenio Nasarre, is also called to testify. In addition, Thursday, the director of “El País”, the first newspaper to publish them, Javier Moreno, is quoted. On the same day, the former Minister of Defense and former President of the Congress of Deputies, Federico Trillo, will also declare; former vice-president of government Rodrigo Rato and number two in the “Gürtel conspiracy”, Pablo Crespo.

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