Three in five Spaniards want to devote themselves professionally to their hobbies … even if only 2% have achieved it

Three in five Spaniards want to devote themselves professionally to their hobbies … even if only 2% were successful

Chinese philosopher Confucius once said: “choose a job you love and you won’t have to work someday in your life”, and this is demonstrated by data from a study conducted by Hubsideen in collaboration with IPSOS, since 3 Spaniards out of 5 want to devote themselves professionally to your hobbies.

Despite this, half of those who want to convert their job to their profession (51.7%) feel that their passion may not be a sufficient source of income, so many decide to give up. In fact, only 2% of Spaniards have managed to make their passion their livelihood.

However, this situation is changing thanks to the development of new technologies and new professions which emerge every day, and which allow everyone to exploit their professional profile and to innovate in the workplace.

Create and share your professional profile in the digital environment

Thanks to Hubside, the platform that offers web creation and development services, any professional, freelance or freelance can make themselves known and offer all their services in a simple way. In addition, the platform allows you to add contact forms to your pages, which makes it easier to communicate with potential customers.

Hubside offers models specially designed to promote the services offered by a freelance writer such as “ Painter ”, “ Fitness Trainer ”, “ DIY Expert ”, “ Classical Ballet Teachers ”, “ Electrician ” or “ Financial Advisor ”, among others. .

In addition, small businesses also have predefined styles to gain visibility and increase the visibility of their products and services with templates such as “Floristera”, “Librera” or “Ceviche Restaurant”.

The service also offers its users themes that are perfect for those who wish to expand the notoriety of their workshops such as “cooking classes”, which allow the incorporation of buttons with which interested parties can automatically register.

Finally, for those looking for a job and wanting to make all their professional skills known, the models “ My journalist CV ” or “ My professional CV ” are ideal, because they allow to organize the experience, the training or portfolios in different categories. .

With Hubside, anyone can build a skills page, without the need for technical knowledge, thanks to its automatic configuration and easy implementation of all essential components on one website.

Among other functions, the service allows its users to access Getty Images, the world’s largest image bank, to personalize each website with the images that best match its content and style.

To get started in Hubside and share professional profiles or promote a company’s services, users just have to choose the subscription plan that best suits their needs, always with a free month of trial. , and start sharing content in a personalized, intuitive and easy way.

Hubside is the first web services platform in Spain which is marketed in up to 200 points of sale, including physical stores of Fnac, Xiaomi or Aliexpress. In addition, it offers free, personalized and professional technical advice thanks to its local experts, in person in Fnac stores in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​but also online and by phone.

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