Three in four Spaniards say they feel a lot or a lot of pandemic fatigue

Publication: Thursday, February 25, 2021 12:23

Three in four Spaniards say they feel a lot or a lot of pandemic fatigue. This is one of the conclusions of the special laSexta barometer, where 74.7% of citizens say they are very tired of the impact of the virus.

11.5% of those consulted say they are very tired, while 63.2% say they are quite tired. Those who only feel some fatigue are 17.4%, while 7.5% are slightly tired.

The survey also shows that an overwhelming majority have noticed the impact of the virus on their mood: only 0.4% of those questioned say they do not feel tired.

Yesterday, Más País spokesperson Íñigo Errejón assured the Congress platform that the “fourth wave is going to be that of mental health”, due to psychological discomfort, depressions and even suicides that the economic crisis will provoke and from which the usefulness will flow, and urged the government to anticipate it.

LaSexta’s special barometer, prepared by Invymark, also questioned citizens on the score they give to vaccines: the best valued is that of Pfizer / BioNTech (5.82), followed by Moderna (5.44), AstraZeneca (5.05) and Sputnik V (4.78).

In addition, the results of the management of regional presidents during the pandemic were also studied: the best valued is Cantabria, Miguel Ángel Revilla (6.36), while the least valued is Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso (4, 26).

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