Three key benefits of workers’ compensation plans for businesses

Commitment, health, happiness, productivity …

Three key benefits of workers’ compensation plans for businesses

In the times we live in, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and with many issues in our lives on all levels, any help is minimal. At the labor and company level, in times of wage freezes, ERTEs and company closings, the help we are talking about may lie in the remuneration of labor. And it is that having an optimal, adequate and flexible plan of benefits and flexible compensation can be a great relief for workers … and also for employees.

Aspects such as talent attraction and retention, employee health and productivity can be increased through workers’ compensation policies. We leave you with three key benefits (although there are many more) of pension plans that are essential for businesses:

Commitment. Without a doubt, the first direct impact of offering adequate workers compensation plans – in terms of quantity, quality, flexibility, adaptability … – increases workers’ engagement with the brand employer; In other words, employees will have a deeper sense of belonging to the company and become ambassadors for your brand. This has a positive impact not only on retention, but also on attracting talent. Health. At all levels. Social benefits can range from physical and mental activity plans (gyms, consultations with specialists, personal trainers, therapy, etc.) to nutritional, social and even financial issues (flexible remuneration, pay on demand, social security schemes …). Therefore, a good workers’ compensation scheme positively affects physical, mental, nutritional, social and financial health. Happiness and productivity. All this, the two previous advantages, lead to an increase in employee happiness and therefore in their productivity in the company. A worker aligned with his employer brand and proud to work for a company and also in good health is happy and, as they always say, more productive.

And as the field of compensation and benefits has acquired maximum relevance in recent times in the management of human resources, from RRHHDigital, in collaboration with CompensaCH, Edenred, EYyPayflowy with the collaboration of the Spanish Association of Directors of Human Resources , we have decided to launch the ‘I Worker’s Compensation Allowances’. These are awards intended to promote and showcase the best initiatives in the field of work compensation, such as benefit plans, flexible compensation, care for physical, mental and financial well-being. workers … as well as the way to offer them, on the basis of digitization and flexibility, the major trends in the field of remuneration today.

Interested companies can submit their projects until February 28 at 11.59pm. From that date, the jury, made up of HRD, labor compensation managers and company executives, will evaluate the work received and deliver a verdict which will be made public in April, as part of a gala that will take place. in Madrid (its format will depend on the circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic). Click here to access the competition rules and submit your project.

Submit your project before February 28

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