Three Key Salary Trends in Tech and E-Commerce-Related Positions


Three Key Salary Trends in Tech and E-Commerce-Related Positions

Morgan Philips collects the main salary trends in positions related to technology, digital sector and e-commerce Key points include the figure of the Chief Digital Officer, the rise in demand for SEO and SEM Manager and the progression of data functions -related

BY RRHHDigital, 00:20 – 15 February 2021

Morgan Philips conducted a salary study that captures key salary trends in tech, digital and e-commerce jobs. The study was prepared taking into account thousands of interviews conducted by consultants Morgan Philips Executive Search and Fyte over the past year, as well as data collected from various job sites and social networks.

The research includes a total of 36 positions, in which functions, salary scales, geographic and gender distribution, average age, mobility and growth are detailed.

Industry trends over the past year

The strongest increase in terms of demand concerns the Chief Digital Officer (+ 18%), an emerging figure of Spanish companies, who are now starting to incorporate them to undertake their digital transformation projects, which is essential for competitiveness and survival. The growth in demand for SEO and SEM Manager, with 15% more hires, shows that this is another upward trend, due to the need for companies to position themselves well on the Internet. . The progression of data-related functions. Despite the talent shortage in these fields, these niche skills are in high demand. Last year, we can see an increase of 16% in hiring in the case of Head of Data (still emerging) and of 10% at Data Analysts (a much more consolidated figure with nearly 10,000 in Spain). Both also have high mobility rates which will decrease when they reach the level of Chief Data Officer.

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